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We love online games because you don’t have to wait for them to download and install. Whenever our team has a spare moment and want to relax, we play a few online games because why not?

We love how there’s a wide array of online games to choose from and many of them are free. You can play challenging role-playing games, addictive strategy games or exciting shooters – so many options!

Below is a list of the best free online gaming resources, all of which just need a browser and don’t require any sign up. Simply install Flash Player and hit the play button!

The best free online games

Miniclip Games

The games available on Miniclip are challenging, addictive and diverse. We’re sure that you’ll find many games that will draw your attention and keep you playing for hours on end. It offers hundreds of games organized in categories, from action and multiplayer to puzzle and empire games and so on.

It is worth mentioning that you might need to disable your adblocker if you’re using one in order to play particular games. For some games, you’ll still have to watch some ads between various levels, but that’s the price to play for playing free games.

Interested in checking out Miniclip’s games? Visit and hit the play button.

Armor Games

ArmorGames is an excellent resource for free online games. There are many game types that you can choose from, such as action, adventure, puzzle & skill, strategy, sports, and many more.

Just like any other free online gaming platforms, Armor Games displays various ads from time to time. The good news is that you can quickly get rid of them all by signing up.

Statistics confirm that millions of players worldwide have spent countless hours playing their favorite games on the platform. In this case, we’ve got to warn you: Armor Games’ platform is so addictive that you won’t even notice how fast time flies.

You can see this for yourself by visiting Armor Games’ website.

Shockwave Games

Shockwave offers a wide range of games for you to play. The game types are rigorously filtered, allowing you to choose between playing puzzle games, word games, strategy games, matching games, time management games, adventures games, shooters, car racing games, sports games, and more.

If you’re looking for one particular game, you’ll definitely find it here.

Mind Games

Mind Games is a gaming platform with a minimalist interface. As its name suggests, this platform focuses on games that focuses on challenging the brain in five categories: logic, math, puzzles, word and sudoku. There is also a download section where you can download a series of games. For every game, there is a short description available, explaining to players what to expect. Mind Games also stands out in the crowd with its crystal-clear graphics.

Interested in playing some mind games? Check out these games that will definitely do thhe trick!



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