Pokémon comes to Windows 10 with PoGo-UWP app

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PoGo-UWP or ‘PoGo’ is a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) client for Niantic’s trendy game “Pokémon go’ which is still not available on Windows 10 mobile devices and playable only on Android and iOS phones. Niantic still hasn’t made public any plans regarding releasing this app for Windows devices.

But thanks to some third party team of developers, their steadfast efforts for bringing this awesome game to Windows 10 mobile devices,  and this app was released in the initial days of Pokémon Go. But the luck of Windows phone users appear to be short-lived as Niantic, earlier this month, increased the security to their servers, blocking all third party developer’s applications from getting access to it which was causing severe lag to their servers. This means that the PoGo app too has become non-functional since the last few days.

With Niantic having their security measures upgraded, the developers still weren’t demotivated and according to their reports, the development team for the Windows 10 applications might have doubled in size in attempts to find a loophole in this newly enhanced security.

When users had their hopes down that the app might never work again, the developer’s team announced the release of a new app , allowing all windows 10 users to successfully play the game and the team still hasn’t stopped working in bringing the app closer to the original Pokémon Go version of the game that is available on other platforms. The developer’s team is reported to be constantly releasing bug fixes in order to make the app more stable as a number of bugs and errors still exist.

The miracle application, which is of course PoGo-UWP  has been updated to version 1.0.25, which includes major corrective attempts like fixing the API and as mentioned in the changelog, some genius advancements in the app deceives the game to believe that the device is an Apple phone which has again made it harder for Niantic to ban third party accounts but not impossible. There are several changes that have been reported by the developers on GitHub.

·       The PoGo-UWP app has an Egg inventory where the players can gestate their eggs

·       Collect Pokémon’s from Poke stops

·       A newly added profile page

·       Allowing players to Login using their Google Accounts

·       Players can flick the ball to throw it which ultimately makes it easier to capture Pokémon’s.

·       A list of appealing map styles have been added to copy the original “Pokémon GO” game. This feature needs to be enabled from settings.

·       A detail page for Pokémon’s added where each user can evolve, transfer or power up Pokémon’s.

Apart from the added features, a few bugs and crashes have also been spotted by the current players, which the developers team is persistently improving.

·       Some dummy buttons, that have no functionality whatsoever

·       Some app crashes have been reported when the user opens the Pokémon detail page

·         Some players collect rewards after hatching an egg but shows no visual representation of it

·       The experience bar on the map displays an incorrect value after levelling up

·       Several animations are not up-to standard as they are in Android and iOS devices

Having stated these facts, it can be ascertained that Windows users might not be getting Pokémon Go on their devices anytime soon, but till then they can enjoy its experience through PoGo, of course till the hype lasts.

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I have word from inside the project itself that Microsoft Band integration will soon be implemented. Your band will vibrate when a pokemon is nearby even when the app is off, and a feature that makes your steps count towards your egg goals is being worked on.