10 best portable SSDs with USB type-C support [2020 Guide]

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An internal SSD drive that manages to boast speed and durability will also cost you big time. This is the exact reason for which consumers are turning to external hard drives for their high-capacity storage needs. A great SSD is vital for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a small fortune on a notebook with built-in storage.

Buying basics for external SSDs

Take a look at some valuable info that you need to consider before purchasing an external SSD.

  • Cost/Gigabyte

The way to calculate the relative value on such drives is to perform some simple division. SSD pricing fluctuates all the time, and so does the relative value. The basement for budget external SSDs is about 25 cents per Gigabyte.

  • Interface

External SSDs use both a USB-C port and the new USB 3.1 Gen 2 tech for the fastest speeds.

  • The degree of ruggedness

This varies from drive to drive, and it’s important that it focuses on water and dust protection.

  • Carry weight

Most external drives feature just a few ounces, and they’re notably lightweight. Some have a hollow-shell feel, and the others have a more substantial build. Watch out for extremely light and small SSDs because losing them is easy and a costly mistake to make.

Take a look at ten choices of SSDs that we have prepared for you below.

Here are the best portable USB type-C SSDs

Samsung Portable SSD T3 (2TB) (recommended)

This is one of Samsung’s speediest and the most spacious device. It also features a rugged, premium-feeling metal shell and also a future-looking reversible USB type-C connector on the drive end. The Portable SSD T3 is improved regarding build quality compared to the previous-generation T1 drive which was also nice enough.

Take a look at its most important features:

  • It’s covered in silver metal, and it looks and feels much better than plastic.
  • Samsung ditched the mid-waist bulge of the T3 for a slimmer shell, and it’s easier to pocket due to its smooth and flat sides.
  • It features a USB-type C cable, and at the other end it’s a standard type-A; the cable is about 16 inches long (the cable is removable, and you can replace it with something longer if you want to).
  • It comes with Windows Security Enabler, and it lets you password-protect the drive.
  • It also supports AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption.
  • It features Superfast Read-Write Speeds of up to 450 MB/s.
  • It is small in size but huge in memory.

The Samsung Portable SSD T3 uses the Samsung 3D vertical NAND (V-NAND) technology to enhance density, performance, and efficiency while, at the same time, creating a smaller footprint. This revolutionary vertical design allows the device to hold large amounts of data in a compact drive. This is one of the most expensive options on the market.

ADATA SE730 External SSD (250GB) (suggested)

After you take one look at this, you will realize that this is the future of the storage that you will be carrying around with you.

Take a look at its most remarkable features:

  • It is durable, and it will fit in any pocket.
  • It comes in gold or red.
  • It includes a USB cable that connects to a type-C connector on the drive itself, and it has an ordinary type-A connector on the other end; it’s, therefore, compatible with any USB port.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty, and it is compatible with all popular operating systems.
  • It feels exponentially more rugged than Samsung’s plastic-card, hollow-feeling Portable SSD T1 models, that’s for sure.

The only downside if we have to mention one is the fact that its only available capacity of 250GB is a bit limiting for apps such as transferring video and hi-resolution photos. So, the limited capacity is the only user complain about this small super-portable, rugged and affordable device.

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SanDisk Extreme 900 (480GB up to 1.92TB)

This is the ultimate external SSD by SanDisk. It’s quite an amazing device for those of you who do not accept any compromise. Check out its essential features below:

  • It’s capable of delivering mind-bending data read-and-write speeds of up to 850MB via its USB-C connection.
  • It has 128-bit AES encryption.
  • It features a shock-resistant body.
  • It works up to nine times faster than other external hard drives.
  • It features high-performance portable storage for high-res photos, videos, and graphics-intense files.
  • You can work directly from the drive with a 35x faster access time.
  • The solid-state technology will make sure that there are no moving parts to break or overheat, and SanDisk SecureAccess encryption software will keep your files private.
  • SanDisk products are constructed to the highest standards, and they’re also rigorously tested. You can be confident in the outstanding quality, performance, and reliability of every SanDisk product, according to the manufacturer.

According to most users, the SSD exceeds all expectations and it’s perfect for working from an internal hard drive.

Apacer AS720 SSD (120GB)

The drive uses a USB 3.1 type-C port, but it also features a SATA III connector. It’s designed for type-C computers, and if you don’t have a USB 3.1 port, you can connect it to your PC using the SATA III port.

Take a look at some of its features:

  • It offers 500MB/s read speed, and 400MB/s write speed using the USB type C interface or the SATA III.
  • It is two times faster than regular external drives.
  • It provides low power consumption.
  • This is quite a unique device, and if you have a USB type C port, it will be ideal for you.

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