Fix printer error 0x10 with these simple solutions

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Fix printer error 0x10
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Epson printers are usually very reliable. However, some users have encountered a 0x10 error when utilizing their Epson printers. The printers show a Printer Error 0x10 on their displays when turned on.

The 0x10 error often has something to do with the printer’s scanner mechanism. Below are some potential resolutions for Printer Error 0x10.

Epson printer display printer error 0x10

How can I fix Printer: Error 0x10 on my Epson printer?

1. Remove small debris

First, try looking for and removing small debris around the scanner area, such as small bits of paper, paperclips, etc. Open the scanner cover to check for and carefully remove any small debris. In addition, open up the printer to check if there is any debris there.

2. Reset your printer

  1. Resetting the printer might fix the 0x10 error for some users. First, remove the USB power cable from the printer.
  2. Wait a few minutes before restarting printer.
  3. Press and hold the printer’s power on button.
  4. Hold the power button for about 50-60 seconds, and then plug the USB cable back in the printer whilst still holding the power button.

3. Fix the printer driver

  1. The 0x10 error can also be due to a faulty printer driver. To check if that’s the case, add Driver Booster to Windows by clicking the download buttons on its website page.
  2. Install Driver Booster with its setup wizard.
  3. Open the Driver Booster software, which will automatically scan upon launch.
  4. Thereafter, Driver Booster will display drivers that need changing. If the printer driver is listed, click the Update Now button.

Driver Booster 7 printer error 0x10

Those are a few of the resolutions that might fix Printer Error 0x10. Note, however, that those fixes aren’t always guaranteed as Printer Error 0x10 can be more of a hardware issue.

If your printer is still within its warranty period, you can return it to Epson for repairs (or even a replacement) with a warranty claim.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to check them out.


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