What to do if Printer photos have lines [EXPERT TIPS]

by Ivan Jenic
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Instances of printed images having fine lines aren’t too uncommon. That likely is the result of low ink levels or issues with the ink toner or cartridge itself that might cause fine lines to appear. Printer nozzles getting clogged is another possible reason why printer photos have lines.

Many affected users shared their problem, hoping for applicable solutions.

“My printer is Deskjet 6940.  When printing photos I get striations (thin, dim straight lines) in areas of solid color, especially in black areas.  Has anyone esperienced this?  What is the remedy?”

Read the instructions below and fix the problem with printed photos having lines now.

Why are there lines in my pictures when I print them?

1. Check photo resolution

Typically, images of low resolution don’t look great when printed on plain paper even though those might look marginally better on glossy or photographic print papers. Print size matters too, as a small image when stretched leads to the appearance of fine lines in the printed image.

So, it would be best to refrain from printing low-resolution images. Also, this does not point to there being any issues with the printer itself. However, if it is a high-resolution image that you are trying to print, try out the following recommendations.

2. Check cartridges

estimated ink levels

See if there is enough ink in the cartridges as low ink levels are often a sure shot reason for vertical lines to appear in a print. If the ink levels are low, you can still print a page or two by gently shaking the cartridge even though the best thing to do here will be to replace the same altogether.

3. Clean printer nozzles

Printer nozzles tend to pick up dirt or other foreign particles over time, which in turn obstruct the normal flow of ink. This is particularly true if the printer has been lying idle for some time. Thankfully, cleaning the nozzles is no big deal as all printers come with a self-cleaning mechanism for the same.

That again can be accessed in the maintenance section and requires printing a page for the cleaning to be done. Sometimes, you might be required to perform the cleaning act multiple times until you get prints of acceptable quality.

4. Printer resolution

Oftentimes, the improper resolution setting too can lead to lines appearing in printed photos. The best thing to do here is to set your printer to print at the recommended dpi settings. With dpi set at an acceptable limit, the printer will have adequate room to adjust the dot pitch to allow for best quality prints devoid of interrupting lines in between.

So, this should make for a comprehensive tutorial on how to deal with lines appearing in printed pictures. However, if the lines still appear, get in touch with the support service and have your printer checked.


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