Best PrivateVPN Black Friday deals worth exploring

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  • VPNs can save you from a lot of headaches, especially if you're constantly concerned about your online privacy and connection security.
  • PrivateVPN is one of the services that can keep you secure while online, and it has a bunch of Black Friday deals you don't want to miss.
  • Visit our Black Friday VPN Deals for more VPN promotions and offers.
  • Check out our VPN Hub to learn more about using a VPN to keep your privacy safe.
PrivateVPN Black friday deals

If you’re constantly concerned about your online privacy and connection security, you might want to try a VPN like PrivateVPN.

If you haven’t heard about them already, they are basically services that can cloak your connection by encrypting and routing your traffic through a secure network of servers.

This feature combo makes it so that malicious agents can’t intercept your connection.

In the event that they manage to pull it off, encryption turns your traffic into gibberish.

The downside is that trustworthy VPN services only offer paid subscription plans.

However, some providers such as PrivateVPN occasionally provide us with deals, either on a regular basis or during special events such as Black Friday.

If you’re looking for a great VPN service that packs a lot of features and doesn’t cost you a fortune, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

5 Best VPNs we recommend

PIA VPN 79% Off
+ 2 free Months
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NordVPN 59% Off available for two-year plans Check offer!
CyberGhost VPN 85% Off! Only 1.99$
per month for 15 months plan
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SurfShark VPN 83% Off (2.21$/Month)
+ 3 free Months
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BullGuard VPN 76% (2.83$)
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What are the best PrivateVPN Black Friday discounts?

  • 13 Months$3.82 per month ($49.68 billed every 12 months after the 13 months cycle comes to an end) – Save 65%
  • 3 Months$5.03 per month ($15.08 billed every 3 months) – Save 54%
  • 1 Month$8.10 per month – Save 26%


Looking for a trustworthy VPN subscription plan at a bargain price? PrivateVPN might be what you need.

65% OFF!
Buy it now!

Why choose PrivateVPN?

As you may expect, PrivateVPN isn’t the only service with attractive deals this Black Friday.

So why choose it specifically? Well, we’re going to tell you about PrivateVPN’s selling points right away.

For starters, it won’t log anything you do online while you’re connected to their service.

Your business remains your business and no one else’s.

Even if authorities were to seize one of PrivateVPN’s servers, they wouldn’t find any trace of your private online activity.

This provider also offers 2048-bit AES-256 encryption to keep your data safe and away from prying eyes.

Military-grade encryption is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible to crack, and PrivateVPN integrates it successfully.

This VPN is torrenting-friendly, meaning that you can safely use torrenting clients on PrivateVPN’s servers without fear of getting your account terminated.

If you can’t manage to install the product on your device of choice, PrivateVPN offers remote setup help.

However, that doesn’t mean the deployment part is complicated. It’s actually not.

The server count might be a bit offputting, considering that PrivateVPN only offers 150 servers in 60 different countries.

However, the servers are fast and can unblock Netflix US (and other similar services).

Last, but not least, you can connect up to 6 devices on the same PrivateVPN subscription plan.

PrivateVPN’s main features

  • Zero-logging policy that keeps your data away from prying eyes
  • 2048-bit AES-256 encryption to secure your data even more
  • No limits or throttles on speed, bandwidth, or server switches
  • Includes popular protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, and IKEv2
  • Comes with HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy support
  • Allows you to use torrenting clients on the VPN servers
  • Can unblock popular streaming services such as Netflix
  • Has servers in 60 different locations
  • Includes port forwarding support (has at least one open port you can connect to)

To wrap it up, if you’re looking for a great VPN service that will treat your privacy and security with the utmost respect, PrivateVPN might be what you’re looking for.

It might not have the largest network of servers, but the zero-logging policy, military-grade encryption and bargain price can surely make up for that.

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