How much will Project Scorpio cost?

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Project Scorpio is the next greatest thing from Microsoft and we have to say, gamers are excited with the specs and the games it could deliver. On paper, Project Scorpio is a monster of a console, which makes us wonder, how much would it cost to own?

Several folks on the web believe that due to the 6-teraflop of GPU power, and Microsoft’s aim to bring 4K and high fidelity VR gaming to the living room, the console could cost over $700. From what we have seen on the PC, we cannot blame them because 4K gaming there isn’t cheap in the slightest.

Nevertheless, this is a console and as such, Microsoft knows it wouldn’t be able to sustain itself in the market if it prices Project Scorpio out of the range of regular consumers. We expect the company to learn from its mistakes with the Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean it will cost $399 to own. In all seriousness, we expect Project Scorpio when it is released during the holiday season of 2017, to cost $499.

Yes, that is the same launch price of the Xbox One, but that’s fine because the system has the power to back it up. Still, Microsoft will need to get its message across a lot better than how it did back in 2013. Even company execs at the time appeared confused, and when that happens, the consumer ultimately becomes confused as well.

Some folks believe $399 is the price point all console makers should aim for, but we do not agree. The $499 price tag is a great target, but only if the system has the power, the features, and the games to back it up. Project Scorpio, in theory, meets the power requirement, and since it will no doubt be powered by Windows 10, we have an idea what to expect on the features front.

When it comes down to the games, we are still in the dark on that aspect, but we do believe Microsoft and its third-party partners will deliver the goods.

The question is, would you be interested in purchasing Project Scorpio for $499, or less?