Sony launches PS4 Remote Play for Windows PC users to stream PS4 games

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As we reported in November of last year, Sony has been working on a remote play app for the Playstation and today, it was released for both Windows PCs and Macs. The feature was packaged in the latest v3.50 update for the console and allows players to stream PS4 gameplay to Windows computers.

Truth be told, the quality of the stream is not so great: just 540p @ 30fps. But since this is the very first version of the Remote Play app for Windows, we are satisfied knowing that future improvements will probably happen sooner or later. The option to stream PS4 games on a Windows PC also allows players to use the PlayStation 4 remotely, letting users play PS4 games in other rooms without moving the console — very practical if you ask us.

Sony to improve cross-platform compatibility of the PlayStation 4

Microsoft announced a lot of improvements for its own Xbox One recently. With that in mind, it’s likely Sony will also introduce similar features for its console to keep up with Microsoft. These new features are going to concern themselves with  cross-platform functionality to allow players more gameplay option between the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. Additionally, Sony could bring its PlayStation VR to Windows PCs and update some existing controller drivers, including the DualShock 4 controller, for even better integration. With this, the race between Microsoft and Sony for the console market has really fired up again.

Download the software for free from the Remote Play official website.


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