Xbox One X players angry that PUBG runs better on Xbox One S

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PUBG xbox one X bugs

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the best game of moment and numbers confirm it. There are more than 6 million active players on both Xbox and PC.

However, not all Xbox owners are satisfied with the overall game quality. Many Xbox One X players are complaining about optimization issues that lead to massive FPS drops, game lag and graphics issues.

For these reasons, many Xbox One X owners simply decided to play PUBG on PC, hoping for a smoother and stable gaming experience.

I play 90% of video games on my X, but with PUBG I was like nah I’ll get this on my pc, input lag issues and a 30 FPS cap is horrible. I really think a competitive game like this needs to have a high frame rate and be responsive. It takes away from the experience otherwise.

So, why all these PUBG issues on Xbox One X?

PUBG xbox one X issues

The Xbox One X console has a better GPU compared to the Xbox One S. This advantage should help it eliminate game issues such as the ones listed above, but it’s still unclear why it’s worse. Moreover, despite the latest patches, the game is still laggy.

Since patch #7, performance has degraded significantly on the X compared to base and S

Xbox One X players also suggest there are also significant gameplay differences between their console and the Xbox One S. More specifically, it seems that grass movement is not well rendered on the Xbox One X, whereas on other platforms players can see their opponents crawling.

It could be due to large open fields not rendering the grass from farther away, giving base Xbox One owners the ability to see you when you are crawling further than X owners.

Players also noticed that the game fails to run smoothly when they get closer to other players — which is a major disadvantage.

i am on the X1X and noticed the game runs like crap whenever i get close to another player

These are only some of the most frequent issues reported by players. There are many more bugs affecting the game, but they occur less frequently than the ones listed above.

Keep in mind that PUBG is still work in progress. The PC and Xbox versions are running different settings profiles, so it’s not surprising that performance variations do appear. The game’s devs are clearly still working on optimization, so it’s only a matter of time until the problems are fixed. Patience is key.

After all, it has already been confirmed that the game would run at 30 FPS on all Xbox consoles. So, it’s only a matter of time until this happens, and FPS on Xbox One X will go up.

So, how has your PUBG experience has been on the Xbox One X? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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