Blizzard bringing PvP Brawls in latest World of Warcraft update

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Though World of Warcraft didn’t really stand out in BlizzCon’s opening ceremony, but it wasn’t completely out of the spotlights either and revealed some interesting information  about the 7.2 update to gamers nonetheless.

Blizzard has announced that they are introducing PvP brawls in Word of Warcraft, another way to spice up the melees between players like those in Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm which will be based on weekly events. Apart from this, the consequent World of Warcraft panel shared a ton of new details about what to expect from updates 7.1.5 and 7.2, which is being unveiled just weeks after the release of Patch 7.1.

To give a taste of few of the brawl types, Winter Arathi Basin is the one that is located in the Arathi Basin map but in the dead of winter, with gamer’s vision slightly distorted by the ongoing blizzard, while Packed House is a 15v15 rumble in a standard-sized Arena. It looks like the inspiration is drastically drawn from the World of Warcraft landscape along with its twists and turns.

The 7.2 update features are to be more prominent, as it is introducing a nine-boss raid, Tomb of Sargeras, new world quests, and a return to the Broken Shore. Furthermore, in response to the ample requests from gamers,  7.2 will also bring  flying to Broken Shore along with a dedicated flying mount for each class that will be rewarded after  completing your Class Order campaign.

Moreover, patch 7.2 also brings new additions to the artifacts system along with granting players access to new artifact weapons and the ability to purchase extra points in existing traits. To earn trait options, players will need to unlock new traits as they pass through different hurdles of the game. Not to mention, there is  a sixth appearance to unlock for each artifact weapon, which will be available via solo play challenges.

The 7.1.5 also adds a range of new dungeons with Timewalking, also featuring a new narrator located within the scene to keep you more engaged in the game.

Developers from Blizzard have stated that they are focusing largely on releasing small patches and patch 7.1.5 is one of them. The company wants to release fresh content more frequently for the game that will remain a long-term part of it, rather that fitting only restricted aspects of the expansion. The additions in 7.1.5 are being referred to as ‘micro holidays’, due to their small size and holiday-styled events that are available for a limited time only and offer a wide variety of new and seasonal things, for instance, there is a Volunteer Guard Day where gamers take the patrol duty of an NPC.

There is no word on the rollout date for World of Warcraft 7.2 update, but they will expectedly be brought to the PTR after the launch of the 7.1.5 patch, which is expected within this month.


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