QR Code Generator Software: 10 Best to Use in 2024

QR codes are extremely good tools for marketing

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Key notes

  • QR codes are an efficient way to access a web link or media content by scanning a code on the screen of your device.
  • To create such codes, use a powerful QR code generator software with tracking scanning activity, dynamic codes, and more features. 
  • We also included tips on how to print and use these codes to your best advantage.
Best QR code generator software and apps

The square thingies that you need to scan in order to reveal their information are called QR codes and they can be used for numerous uses, from conveying a link to sharing more complex information.

It’s very important to know that not only you can scan these codes, but you can also create them, and, in this guide, you will discover the best apps that you can do that with.

What are QR codes and what are they used for?

A QR (Quick Response) code is an equivalent bidimensional code for the old unidimensional barcode and it consists of pixels instead of the classic bars.

It was first used by the automotive industry as an alternative to the barcode to quickly identify components and it was preferred as it stayed legible even if dirty or partially destroyed.

➡ The advantages of using a QR code

The QR code is captured by imaging devices, including a camera or smartphone, then processed digitally to read the content.

Precisely this ease of use and excellent error correction, plus high memory capacity, led to the popularity and rise of QR codes.

Smartphones can run dedicated reading software as they have camera apps, but the advantage to create your own by using the best QR code generator software is unquestionable.

➡ Types of QR codes

The codes come in either dynamic that is editable and recommended for use in today’s online world, or static type, the latter of which cannot be changed once set.

In case you want to create editable ones, we’ve also included entries that double as QR code editing software.

Even some stop codes feature QR codes and we have a guide that shows you how to read BSoD QR codes with ease.

➡ QR codes applications

You can use the code to redirect people to your website, mobile page, vCard, file download, Google Map, social pages, PayPal, or even an app store.

How to scan QR codes?

There are two ways to easily scan a QR code:

  • Using the camera of your device – You need to open a QR code scanner application and superimpose the square markings that you will see on your app with the image of the code that you see through the camera. The app will read the code and it will either perform an automatic action or give you the choice of what to perform next, depending on the content of the code.
  • From a picture or a screenshot – If you try to scan a QR code from a webpage, for instance, on a device that doesn’t have a camera, you will either have to download the image that contains the code and upload it in a QR code scanner application or use an app that can read it automatically from a webpage.

Our list includes the best software to create a QR code that you can use today. Be sure to check for features like tracking scanning activity, analytics, generation of dynamic codes, export vector formats, error correction, ad-free, and unlimited scans, and make a choice.

What is the best QR code generator software for Windows 10?

Adobe InDesign – Best for professional designers

Using QR code generator software can save you a lot of time, and the results will look professional. This is where InDesign from Adobe comes in.

This software offers a great array of useful tools that will simplify the process considerably. One of the best features of InDesign is its friendly and easy-to-understand user interface, making it our top choice.

But of course, InDesign is a lot more than its QR code generator function, it’s one of the best publishing apps that offers endless opportunities in that respect.

That is because the software comes with all the tools you need to create and publish books, magazines, eBooks, and many more.

And it’s also adapted for perfect collaboration because you can share your designs and get feedback as comments, text replacements, highlights, or strikethrough directly in InDesign.

If you’ve ever had problems with fonts, it’s not the case with this solution because InDesign finds and activates all the fonts automatically from Adobe Fonts.

Here are some other key features found in InDesign:

  • Allows for unlimited ways to create any type of visual material
  • Large library of templates and resources that save a lot of time
  • Works seamlessly with all Adobe products
  • Can export and import files of almost any format
  • Comes with a free 7 day testing period
Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

Create QR codes, web pages, write HTML5 code, and more, all with this amazing tool from Adobe!
Free trialVisit website

Beaconstac – Best for G2 codes

One of the most cutting-edge and the only enterprise-ready QR Code solutions out there is Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator.

Ranked #1 as the easiest QR Code generator to use on G2, this tool can help you create both static and dynamic QR codes easily.

It stands out for its extremely easy-to-use interface from where you can measure your QR code’s performance and, if necessary, fine-tune your campaigns thanks to the dashboard’s seamless integration with Google Analytics.

You can also create custom and bulk QR codes with your business logo and brand-appropriate color scheme.

Beaconstac comes with enterprise-level SSO, GDPR compliance, and SOC2 Type 1 & Type 2 certification for ensuring maximum security to your data as you create, manage and personalize your QR codes.

You can sign up for a free trial to check out the platform’s extensive features before making the final decision.

Let’s look at some of its best features:

  • Very friendly, easy-to-use interface
  • Enterprise-level SSO
  • GDPR compliance, and SOC2 Type 1 & Type 2 certification
  • Seamless integration with Google Analytics
  • Create static and dynamic QR codes in seconds


Get your QR codes right with an enterprise-ready solution that caters to your business needs.
Free trial Visit website

Visualead – Great for online usage

best software to create qr code

This is another great software to create QR codes if you look at what it has to offer and the possible results.

With Visualead, you can create branded, creative, and effective QR codes that deliver 50-400 percent more scans, mobile-optimized content, and two times more leads and social engagements.

All your QR code creation needs are fulfilled in one place, with features such as visual QR codes to create beautiful and engaging codes.

You can practically create QR codes for any purpose like redirects to URL, vCard, Facebook, coupon or text codes, and so on.

You may create and publish mobile landing pages in under a minute, track the number of scans your code gets, and thus know your audience better, plus manage your codes in your own personal dashboard.

This tool has over 20 types of possible QR codes and it comes with an analytics function, so you know exactly how many times your code has been scanned.

Of course, if you don’t have an image for your QR code, you can use one of the many free images provided within the app.

Get Visualead

QR-Code Monkey – Great design capabilities

best software to create qr code

This is an amazing QR code generator and one of the most popular with millions of people already having created codes using this tool.

Its features include unlimited scans, high-res QR codes, powerful designs, QR codes with logos, custom designs, and colors, QR code vector formats (SVG), and it is free for use in commercial settings.

Yes, all generated codes are 100 percent free, so you can use them for anything you want, including business purposes.

It’s interesting that with this tool, you can even create a location QR code, and you may customize the shape of the code to better match its purpose.

The only downside of this app is that you only create static QR codes. That means that you can’t edit their content after you’ve published them.

Do you want to print the QR code on a huge billboard in a building? No problem because with this tool, you can print the code in vector formats like SVG.

You can also print them in PDF or EPS formats but those will only be in the classic format, without design options and logo application.

Get QR-Code Monkey

QR-Code Generator – Ideal for basic needs

best software to create qr code

This QR code generator software is backed by years of experience in QR code with over 20,000 customers in over 160 countries globally, so you can trust it to improve the success of your QR code campaigns with the maximum number of scans achieved.

It also comes with a free version so you can generate different types of codes including a vCard, email QR code, text QR code, and much more.

The premium features when using the paid version give even more functionality and tools like selecting from QR code functions such as displaying PDFs to encoding multiple URLs in one code.

It also lets you change code designs, make dynamic codes with flexible content, track scans and display analytics with reports, download files in high res, plus tech support via email or phone.

Other extras include customizable short URLs, and how-to guides plus white-label options good for agencies.

You can choose from a variety of functions for your code like displaying a Facebook-like button or encoding price lists in PDF.

These will excite and surprise customers and get them to scan the codes more and more. Even better, you can customize the codes in colors and shapes, or insert your logo using ready-made templates.

And you get a flexible account-sharing option for teams such that you can invite other employees to share the account and add several users as admins.

Get QR Code Generator

QFuse – Good for beginners

best software to create QR code

If you want to give users a good reason to scan and tap, then Qfuse is the best software to create QR codes that attract, engage, and convert data.

With this tool, you can link dynamic codes and NFC tags to mobile-friendly content and derive powerful analytics and reporting to track your success, all without programming skills.

You can also analyze your scans, track user activity, download full reports, and scan by geographic location or time and device type, then get reports and engagement metrics for your sites.

The software can integrate third-party apps like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Constant Contact.

Qfuse gives you the satisfaction that your QR codes will be placed on anything including ads, brochures, posters, mailers, business cards, and even TV displays.

With its high-quality codes that can be scanned reliably, this tool is suitable even for professional publication.

Other features include social media sharing, contacts that are a touch away, vCard download with a single click, mapping, and GPS for pinpointing physical locations.

There is a free version that only includes one QR code creation and 3 paid subscription options that offer a lot of variation in terms of features.

The Standard plan comes with 1.500 scans per month but the other two have unlimited scans and even Google Analytics reports for the codes.

Get Qfuse

Scanova – Great for customizing design

With Scanova QR Code software, you can engage your customers better and get instant online traffic from print media that are actionable and trackable.

You can also run end-to-end QR Code campaigns which you can create, design, manage and track yourself in just minutes.

Some of the benefits of this software include lead generation, visually appealing codes to attract more scans, 23 types of QR codes, and the ability to view the number of scans by date, or location.

It also has readymade landing pages you can use for campaigns and vector export in high-resolution formats for printing and editing.

Keep in mind that you can also add enterprise features like campaign management, bulk generation, multi-user access, and white labeling.

Moreover, it is possible to use the API to integrate QR code generation in your own information system or mobile app.

It’s also interesting to know that you also have the option to create a custom-designed landing page for your QR code.

The page is like a mini-website that you can customize with text, images, buttons, and custom HTML, just like on a full-fledged one.

You will find 3 subscription plans that you can apply monthly or annual payments and of course, the latter is a lot better.

Get Scanova

Unitag QR – Great for survey QR codes

This is another good QR code generator that you’ll enjoy using as it has a friendly interface and gives free instant downloads, plus a lifetime validity of usage.

Unitag lets you design, manage and track irresistible QR codes with custom colors and logos, so you can make all your campaigns interactive, and easily perceivable on mobile devices, social networks, and locally.

It is a simple and cost-effective software to create smart codes for all your needs with dynamically targeted content, and you can customize the design and URLs, plus get HD codes in bulk creation.

The software gives instant feedback for smarter decision-making as you get to reach your target audience on the go while collecting valuable insights for all your projects and building mobile surveys in minutes.

It is intuitive, and immediate, and the content is dynamic and trackable so you can get analytics plus manage and update your apps in real-time, and easily track and optimize your campaigns while measuring your ROI.

The subscription plans are based on the number of scans you get so you should match it with your planned number of visits.

Get Unitag

Codex – Great for Windows

You can also download the QR Code for Windows 10 app and generate your own QR codes. All you need to do is to enter the URL of your choice, hit the Generate button, and voila, your QR has been generated.

The app also keeps a history of your QR codes. So, if you ever need to check what codes you’ve used, click on the menu button and go to History.

Cortana support is also available. Just say QR Scan/Read and Microsoft’s virtual assistant will automatically read the code.

With its latest iteration, you can create QR codes with custom background and resolution. However, those are features available only in the Pro, paid version.

It’s also nice to know that you can also read a code directly from the Gallery or the screen and you can open the link from the decoded QR code automatically.

And most importantly, although the tool is free if you want to get rid of any ads that will bother you along the way, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

The free version is pretty simple and you don’t have any tracking options for the codes you create but you can produce as many as you like and they never expire.

Of course, you also have the option to use the camera of your device so even if it’s a laptop or a desktop, you can scan the codes by placing them in front of the webcam.

This app is also available to use on your mobile device so you can try it now and see if it fits your needs.

Get Codex

QRTIGER – Very easy to use

QRTIGER is a very user-friendly QR Code generator software with multiple features suited for personal and professional use. It allows you to make static as dynamic QR codes with logo.

In short, QRTIGER is your one-stop-shop of QR codes for various uses in marketing. It can integrate with over 3,000+ apps through the Zapier integration or through applying their APIs.

The 24/7 customer support and intelligent tracking features make QR Tiger ideal for large businesses as well. We can say it’s the best QR code generator on our list with affordable pricing.

The publishers of this online app say that branded QR cores can get up to 40% more scans than the classic black and white codes.

And with this tool, you can easily brand and color your codes to match the identity of your brand and attract users to scan it.

As for the possibilities, you can add almost everything to your QR code, from simple documents, URLs, and photos to multiple URLs, MP3 songs, Wi-Fi login keys, YouTube clips, and a lot more.

After you customize your code with your logo from a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file, you can print it on huge billboards because you can save the result in PNG or SVG formats.

If you want to automate the code creation at some point, you will be happy to know that this tool has Zapier integration.

The simple features are free but if you want to create a dynamic QR code that you will be able to edit in time, you will have to pay for a subscription.


Best tips on how to print QR codes

The usage mechanism is mostly the same for all the QR generators out there: you choose the type of the code (URL, photo, VCard etc.), then you enter the required info, and lastly, you publish it and deploy it.

However, we have some tips that will help you get things done better and quicker:

  • Print the right size code – A code should be at least 0.7 x 0.7 in (2 x 2 cm). Too small, and it could be difficult to read. You should also correlate the size of the code with the place you are printing it on.
  • Use only high-quality images – Even if you’re printing with minimum dimmensions, make sure that the images look great. Blurry codes can be unreadable and will frustrate anyone who would try to scan them.
  • Try using dynamic codes – Some of the apps from our list are capable of creating dynamic QR codes that you can edit even after printing. This way you can change the contents of your code. It’s important if you printed hundreds of copies of the code but the link has been changed in the meantime.
  • Make your code easily accessible – If you print your code on an outdoor banner, make sure that it’s easily scannable. If the scanning angle is too acute or the code cannot be easily observed, your code will be unlikely to be scanned by passers-by.
  • Attract people to scan your QR code – You should give people a reason why should they draw their devices to scan your code. An easy explanation about what the code leads to should suffice.

Ready to create your own QR code? We hope that our list of apps and the explanation about QR codes have got you started.

As you might have already seen, there are free tools and paid ones, and like in any other field, the ones that are free have limited options.

That is why you should first decide what volume of QR codes you need, and, more importantly, what do you need them for, where will you place them.

If you just need a simple QR-code to use conveniently as a VCard whenever you want to pass on your contact to someone else, you can easily go for a free tool.

However, if you need to create a more sophisticated one and print it on a banner that will be placed on a building, professional graphics software will make the difference.

Of course, consider the type of code you need and make sure that the software you choose can provide it for you.

Not all of them have, for instance, Bitcoin dedicated codes or can provide high-resolution vectorial output so try to test them first.

If you’ve created a business QR code, you might also be interested in our list including the best software to produce digital ads and include your newly designed code.

Share your thoughts and experiences in creating QR codes by leaving a comment in the section below.

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