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  • QR codes are an efficient way to access a web link by scanning a code on the screen of your device.
  • To create QR codes, you will need the help of QR code generator software.
  • We've listed the best below, and they include Adobe InDesign, QR-Code Monkey, QFuse, and others.
  • So if you're looking for the best Windows QR code generator, continue with the list below.

A QR (Quick Response) code contains data in two dimensions and consists of pixels instead of the bars you see on barcodes.

It was first invented by the automotive industry as a barcode to safely and easily identify components, but they were originally for industrial applications as they were easier to print and they stayed legible even if dirty or partially destroyed.

The QR code is easily captured by imaging devices, including a camera or smartphone, then processed digitally so as to read the content.

It is this ease of use and excellent error correction plus high memory capacity that led to the popularity and rise of the use of QR codes.

Today’s mobile and smartphones can run QR code reading software as they have camera apps, but even better is the ability to create your own QR code using the best QR code generator software.

The codes come in either dynamic that is editable and recommended for use in today’s online world, or static type, the latter which cannot be changed once set.

In case you want to create editable ones, we’ve also included entries that double as QR code editing software as well.

You can use the code to redirect people to your website, mobile page, vCard, file download, Google Map, social pages, PayPal or even an app store.

This article checks out the best software to create QR code that you can use today.

Be sure to check for features like tracking scanning activity, analytics, generation of dynamic codes, export vector formats, error correction, ad-free, and unlimited scans among other features.

Learn everything there is to know about QR codes from our handy article!

QR code generator software to use on Windows 10

Adobe InDesign

indesign-logo - Best QR code software

Using a good QR code generator software can save you a lot of time, and the results will look professional. This is where InDesign from Adobe comes in.

This software offers a great array of useful tools and features that will simplify the process considerably. One of the best features of InDesign is its friendly and easy to understand user interface, making it our top choice for this guide.

Here are some other key features found in InDesign:

  • Allows for unlimited ways to create any type of visual material
  • Large library of templates and resources that save a lot of time
  • Works seamlessly with all Adobe products
  • Can export and import files of almost any format
  • Comes with a free 7 day testing period
Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

Create QR codes, web pages, write HTML5 code, and more, all with this amazing tool from Adobe!
Free trialVisit website


QRTIGER is a very user-friendly QR Code generator software with multiple features suited for personal and professional use. Is allows you to make static as dynamic QR codes with logo.

In short, QRTIGER is your one-stop-shop of QR codes for various uses form marketing. It can integrate with over 3,000+ apps through the Zapier integration or through applying their APIs.

The 24/7 customer support and intelligent tracking features make QR Tiger ideal for large businesses as well. We can say it’s the best QR code generator in our list with affordable pricing. 

Top features of QRTIGER

  • High-resolution output in PNG and SVG (for printing)
  • Static and dynamic QR codes to track useful data
  • vCard to have a QR code on your business cards
  • Multi URL QR Codes to tailor your marketing
  • Customized QR codes with logo
  • File upload as PDF, JPEG, PNG
  • Zapier integration

Try QRTIGER QR Code generator


best software to create qr code

This is probably the best software to create QR codes if you look at what it has to offer.

With Visualead, you can create branded, creative, and effective QR codes that deliver 50-400 percent more scans, mobile-optimized content, and two times more leads and social engagements.

It provides all your QR code creation needs in one place, with features such as visual QR codes with which you can use any image to create beautiful and engaging codes.

These can lso be editable codes if you want to change what it does after it is printed, and QR codes for any purpose like redirects to URL, vCard, Facebook, a coupon or text codes and so on.

You can also create and publish mobile landing pages in under a minute, track the number of scans your code gets and thus know your audience better, plus manage your codes in your own personal dashboard.

Get Visualead QR Code generator

QR-Code Monkey

best software to create qr code

This is a free QR code generator and one of the most popular with millions of people already having created codes using this tool.

Its features include endless lifetime with unlimited scans, high-res QR codes, powerful design, QR codes with logo, custom design and colors, QR code vector formats (SVG), and it is free for use in commercial settings.

All generated codes are 100 percent free so you can use it for anything you want, including business purposes.

Get QR-Code Monkey

QR-Code Generator

best software to create qr code

This QR code generator software is backed by years of experience in QR code with over 20,000 customers in over 160 countries globally, so you can trust it to improve the success of your QR code campaigns with the maximum number of scans achieved.

It also comes with a free version so you can generate different types of codes including a vCard, email QR code, text QR code, and much more.

The premium features when using the paid version give even more functionality and tools like selecting from more QR code functions such as displaying PDFs to encoding multiple URLs in one code.

It also lets you change code designs, make dynamic codes with flexible content, track scans and display analytics with reports, download files in high-res, plus tech support via email or phone.

Other extras include customizable short URLs, and how-to guides plus white-label options good for agencies.

You can choose from a variety of functions for your code like displaying a Facebook like button or encoding price lists in PDF.

These will excite and surprise customers and get them to scan the codes more and more.

Even better, you can customize the codes in colors and shapes, or inserting your logo using the ready-made templates.

One more thing with this best software to create QR code is you get a flexible account sharing option for teams such that you can invite other employees to share the account, add several users as admins.

Try QR-Code-Generator.com


best software to create QR code

If you want to give users a good reason to scan and tap, then Qfuse is the best software to create QR codes that attract, engage, and convert.

With this tool, you can link dynamic codes and NFC tags to mobile-friendly content, derive powerful analytics and reporting to track your success, all without programming skills.

You can also analyze your scans, track user activity, download full reports, and scan by geographic location or time and device type, then get reports and engagement metrics for your sites.

You can also integrate third party apps like Salesforce, Google Analytics and Constant Contact.

Qfuse gives you the satisfaction that your QR codes will be placed on anything including ads, brochures, posters, mailers, business cards, and even TV displays, what with its high-quality codes that scan reliably and are suitable even for professional publication.

Other features include social media sharing, contacts that are a touch away, vCard download with a single click, use videos and images on your mobile pages, mapping and GPS for pinpointing physical locations.

Get Qfuse QR Code generator


best software to create qr code

With Scanova QR Code software, you can engage your customers better, get instant online traffic from print media that are actionable and trackable, and run end-to-end QR Code campaigns which you can create, design, manage and track yourself in just minutes.

Some of the benefits this best software to create QR code offers include lead generation, visually appealing codes to attract more scans, 23 types of QR codes,  ability to view number of scans by date, or location.

It also has readymade landing pages you can use for campaigns, vector export in high-resolution formats for printing and editing, plus enterprise features like campaign management, bulk generation, multi-user access and white labeling.

You can also use the API to integrate QR code generation in your own information system or mobile app.

Get Scanova QR Code generator

Unitag QR

best software to create qr code

This is another good QR code generator that you’ll enjoy using as it is easy to use, and gives free instant downloads, plus a lifetime validity of usage.

Unitag lets you design, manage and track irresistible QR codes with custom colors and logos, so you can make all your campaigns interactive, and easily perceivable by way of mobile, social and local.

It is a simple and cost-effective software to create smart codes for all your needs with dynamically targeted content, and you can customize the design and URLs, plus get HD codes in bulk creation.

The software gives instant feedback for smarter decision making as you get to reach your target audience on the go while collecting valuable insights for all your projects, build mobile surveys in minutes.

It is intuitive, immediate, and the content is dynamic and trackable so you can get analytics plus manage and update your apps in real-time, and easily track and optimize your campaigns while measuring your ROI.

Get Unitag QR Code generator

QR Code for Windows 10

You can also download the QR Code for Windows 10 app and generate your own QR codes. All you need to do is hit the hamburger menu and voila, your QR has been generated.

Additionally, you can also use this app to read QR codes in a manner of seconds.

The app also keeps a history of your QR codes. So, if you ever need to check what QR codes you’ve used, click on the menu button and go to History.

Cortana support is also available. All you need to do is say ‘QR Scan/Read‘ and Microsoft’s virtual assistant will automatically read the code.

Download QR Code for Windows 10

Ready to create your own QR code in 2021? Share your thoughts and experiences in creating QR codes by leaving a comment in the section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you want to create QR codes at a professional level, some of the QR code generators on this list are available for free.

  • QR codes are used as visual links that QR readers allow for a fast display of online images and download pages. This is especially handy when facing QR codes shown by Windows BSoDs.

  • No, QR codes never expire, but depending on the creator’s decision, they can be removed from the respective website. The same rules also apply to barcodes as well.

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