WannaCry’s creators threaten to release more malware to Windows 10

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The Shadow Brokers is a hacking group that has leaked the alleged NSA hacking tools which were used in last week’s WannaCrypt chaos, allowing the malware to be weaponized on a large scale.

Future exploits to be sold soon?

In a post on Steemit, the Shadow Brokers teased that there may be new exploits coming up and the content of future exploits could include web browsers, routers, and handsets, exploits for Windows 10, compromised data from banks and the SWIFT financial messaging system, even compromised data from the nuclear and missile programs of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

The shadowy group of hackers plan on selling these to anyone willing to pay on a monthly basis starting from June. On the other hand, there isn’t any definitive proof that the group actually possesses this information, even if their previous dumps were legit.

Taunting the Microsoft Corporation

In its newest communication, the group also taunted Microsoft Corporation which, as a response, issued a critical patch to address an SMB exploit called EternalBlue which was later published by the hacker group. Users who have not applied the patch were left with the high risk of being affected by the WannaCrypt campaign.

The Shadow Brokers accused Microsoft and other tech companies of working closely with the Equation Group, a hacking collective that is widely reported to be the NSA. The hacker group also accuses the NSA of withholding zero-day bugs from Microsoft.

A spokesman from Microsoft said that the company is preparing a response. We don’t know yet if the future patch will also cover unsupported OSs, but if we take into consideration the high number of critical systems still running older software, this would seem the natural thing to do.

The Shadow Brokers said that this month nothing new will happen as the group is being busy “eating popcorn and watching ‘Your Fired’ [presumably referring to President Donald Trump] and WannaCrypt”.



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