FIX: Rats! WebGL hit a snag Google Chrome error

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  • We covered a variety of Chrome errors before, and today we’re going to cover Rats! WebGL hit a snag error.
  • To fix this problem, disable the hardware acceleration or turn off WebGL 2 completely.
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Some Google Chrome users have encountered a Rats! WebGL hit a snag error message when opening certain website pages. That’s an error message that usually appears on JavaScript heavy websites.

A yellow bar with Reload and Ignore buttons usually includes the error message. Then reloading the page doesn’t always fix the issue.

As the error message suggests, this is primarily a WebGL issue. WebGL, otherwise Web Graphics Library, is a JavaScript API that helps the Chrome browser render 3D and 2D graphics.

However, when WebGL has an error or is not supported, you’ll get a WebGL snag error message.

Quick Tip

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps below, we would like to present a web browser that you can use as an alternative instead.

This alternative is called Opera, and it is also built using the Chromium engine, just like Google Chrome.

It is extremely lightweight, and has no problem running WebGL, as long as you know how to enable it:

  1. Open Opera and type in the following in the address bar:
    • About:config
  2. Click Browser
  3. Click the Show advanced settings checkbox
  4. In the System section, check the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox
  5. Relaunch Opera for any changes to take effect


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How do I fix the WebGL error in Google Chrome?

1. Switch hardware acceleration off

  1. Switching hardware accelerated graphics off is one way to resolve the WebGL error.
  2. Click the Customize Google Chrome button to open the browser‘s primary menu.
  3. Select Settings to open the Settings tab.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings tab and click Advanced to expand the options.
  5. Scroll down the Settings page until you get to System options.
    • There you’ll find the Use hardware acceleration when available option shown directly below.
  6. If Use hardware acceleration when available is a selected option, click the setting to toggle it off.
  7. Relaunch the Google Chrome browser.

2. Switch off the WebGL 2 flag setting

Chrome includes a WebGL 2.0 setting that you can configure via the chrome://flags page.

  1. First, input chrome://flags in the browser’s URL bar to open the flags page below.
  2. To find the setting, press the Ctrl + F hotkey. That will open a search box where you can enter WebGL 2 as below.
  3. Now click the WebGL 2 drop-down menu and select Disabled from there.
  4. Press Relaunch Now to restart Google Chrome.

3. Reset the flag wettings

Resetting Chrome’s flag settings to default can potentially resolve the WebGL hit a snag error.

You can do that by pressing the Reset all defaults button at the top right of the chrome://flags page.

Then restart the browser by pressing the Relaunch Now button.

Those are a few remedies for the WebGL snag error in Google Chrome. The Chrome://GPU page, which you can open by entering chrome://gpu in the URL bar, highlights GPU related errors for Chrome and might also help fix the WebGL error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • WebGL hit a snag message appears if there’s an error with WebGL Javascript API in Google Chrome.

  • To fix WebGL in Chrome go to Advanced settings in Chrome and disable hardware acceleration or turn off WebGL 2 from chrome://flags page.

  • WebGL, also known as Web Graphics Library, is a JavaScript API that can render 3D and 2D graphics inside your browser.

  • If WebGL isn’t working, it’s not supported by your browser or it has been disabled beforehand.

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