5 best software to recover damaged Windows hard drive

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by Radu Tyrsina
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recover damaged hard drive

Hard drive recovery is essential to anyone because we all have critical and potentially irreplaceable data and files stored on our systems. Whether the data was lost as a result of a hard disk drive crash or due to the computer that suddenly stopped working, it’s essential to know how to recover your data safely.

You have various options for retrieving your lost data. The first thing you need to do is to connect the hard drive to another computer.

The second step is to try and copy the data to another drive. If this does not work, you also have another option available for recovering your data, and this consists of downloading data recovery software. Here are the best five data recovery programs for Windows that you can currently find online.

Recover damaged hard drive with these tools

  1. Recuva
  2. Pandora Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool
  3. PC Inspector File Recovery
  4. GetDataBack
  5. Hiren’s BootCD

1. Recuva (recommended)

Recuva is another software that allows you to recover your deleted files effortlessly and quickly. If you accidentally deleted essential data or you lost your files due to a computer crash, Recuva is the solution for your Windows computer that will definitely save the day.

Check its most impressive features below:

  • This software can recover music, pictures, videos, documents, emails and any other file types that you have lost.
  • Recuva can recover the files from your computer but also from rewritable media such as external hard drives, memory cards, and USB sticks among others.
  • Unlike most file recovery utilities, Recuva can recover files from both damaged or newly formatted drivers.
  • The program’s flexibility will provide you higher chances of your data’s recovery.
  • In case you also have hard to find files, Recuva comes with an advanced deep scan mode that is able to search through your drives to find traces of the files that have been lost.
  • If you want a file gone for good, the program’s secure overwrite feature uses industry and military-standard deletion techniques just to make sure that your data remains deleted.

You have more options when downloading Recuva: you can get the free version that provides advanced features for file recovery, or you can also get the Recuva Professional version for $19.95 that also offers virtual hard drive support, automatic updates and premium support as well.

Piriform also provides you the chance to get CCleaner Professional Plus 4-in-1 bundle for $39.95.

2. Pandora Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

Pandora Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool


Pandora Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool allows you to find and recover deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes. The software will scan your hard drive and then build an index of existing and deleted files and folders. After the scanning process is over, you will have full control over which files you want to recover and what destination you want to recover them to.

Check out the main features of Pandora Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool:

  • The program can recover archived, encrypted, hidden and compressed files.
  • You will be able also to recover alternate data streams.
  • The tool recovers documents, images, movies and any other types of files that you might have lost.
  • Pandora Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool is compatible with Windows.
  • The software includes Review File properties and Drive Properties as well.
  • You can recover lost files to your local hard drive, network drive or flash drive.

This is one of the most potent damaged hard drive data recovery software on the market, and even if it’s not free, it still costs less than having your computer sent to s tech specialist.

You can download Pandora Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool from its official website.

3. PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery is another excellent option for recovering your lost data. When you launch the program, you will first need to choose your language, and after that, you’ll be prompted with a welcome screen that gives you three options.

Check them out below:

  • The first option is to Recover Deleted Files, and this will allow you to restore the files that have been permanently deleted from your drive; the option will only work if the deleted files have not been overwritten yet.
  • The second option is Find Lost Data, and this lets you recover files that have been lost due to a system crash; the scan will take around a few hours, in accordance to your drive’s size.
  • The last option is Find Lost Drive, and you should use this id your drive letter doesn’t appear in My Computer or Windows Explorer; it will try to connect to the drive and then it will allow you to browse through the data.

You can get PC Inspector File Recovery from the official website.

4. GetDataBack

GetDataBack is one of the simplest solutions for recovering your lost data.

Take a look at the essential features that are packed in this software:

  • It is able to recover all your driver’s data.
  • You can restore file names and directory structure as well.
  • The software’s interface is user-friendly, and beginners will be able to use the program without any issues.
  • The software comes with free lifetime updates when you purchase it.
  • You will not have to find out beforehand which files system your drive was formatted with.
  • The program’s engine uses four advanced levels that will automatically escalate until the best results have been achieved.
  • This software is compatible with Windows.

GetDataBack is a read-only program, and this means that it won’t attempt to fix or write to the drive that you are about to recover.

You can check out the complete and detailed list of features and get the program from GetDataBack official website.

5. Hiren’s BootCD

Hiren’s BootCD is a tool that allows booting into a slimmed down version of Windows that is called MiniXp from the bootable CD or bootable flash drive. It will run diagnostic utilities on a problematic system.

It’s important to note that Recuva is one of these utilities that are backed in Hiren’s BootCD. This will turn out to be helpful especially if you do not have a USB to IDE/SATA adapter or if you don’t want to pull your drive out of your computer.

Take a look at some more essential features included in Hiren’s BootCD:

  • You have to connect another drive to the machine such as USB flash drive or an external hard drive to have a place to copy your recovered data to.
  • Version 15.2 comes with a vast list of improvements and new options, and you can check it out of the official website of Hiren’s BootCD.
  • The software is compatible with Windows.
  • Hiren’s BootCD is able to repair bad sectors on your hard drive by generating a unique sequence of high and low signals around the area that is physically damaged.

Get Hiren’s BootCD from the official website and take a look at the complete list of features included in the program.

These are our top five picks for damaged hard drive recovery software for Windows. Take a close look at all of their features and decide which tool is the best for your system’s needs.

They are all compatible with Windows, and they can successfully save both your lost data and your day as well.