How to Use your Phone as Keyboard for PC [Step-by-Step]

Simplest way to use your phone as a PC keyboard is via USB cable

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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  • You can use with ease your phone or tablet as a dedicated keyboard for your Windows 10 PC.
  • There are different software platforms available that allow you to use your Android device as a virtual keyboard and mouse for your Windows 10 computer.
  • To use your phone as a PC keyboard, you need to install a specialized program on both your phone and your Windows 10 PC and pair the two devices using a wireless connection.
use Android PC keyboard
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As we all know, sometimes finding the right time-management tools can turn out to be a real challenge, even when certain solutions can be right in front of us.

If we discuss useful ways in which you can smartly use your Windows 10 PC, then we must outline in our debate the products that can be connected to your computer and which can make your life easier.

And yes, as you might have already guessed, your Android-based portable devices can help you smartly use your Windows 10 PC so that you can better schedule your daily plans and projects.

Thus, in that matter, today in this tutorial we will talk about how you can use your Android smartphone or tablet as a dedicated keyboard for your Windows 10 machine.

As you will see, there are different solutions that can be applied and which can let you control your computer through your own Android-featured handset.

These solutions are related to software platforms, some paid others free-distributed.

However, the main idea is that a specialized program must be used otherwise the Windows 10 system cannot recognize the virtual keyboard featured on your Android device.

So, in the following lines, we will review the best apps that can be used on both Android and Windows for letting you use Android as a dedicated PC keyboard instrument.

How to use your phone as a PC keyboard – 5 apps to use

1. USB Keyboard

USB Keyboard windows 10

This is a free app that isn’t requiring any driver on your computer – as you will see, the apps from below can work only if on your computer you first configure a server-client.

So, unlike most of the other similar platforms, the USB keyboard will work inside BIOS, inside the bootloader, with any OS, and with any hardware that has a USB socket enabled and available.

On your Android device, the app will have to add keyboard and mouse functions to the USB port.

Unfortunately, that process cannot be completed by the app itself unless you first prepare a few additional things.

In that respect, you will have to use a rooted smartphone (there are different one-click-root solutions that can be used for almost all Android-based devices out there, so ensuring root shouldn’t be a problem).

Moreover, you will need to flash a dedicated custom kernel within the Android core system that powers your handset – this flashing operation can be completed if a custom recovery image is running on your device (I recommend you to use the latest version of TWRP recovery for making things work from your first attempt).

So, before using the USB keyboard tool, root your Android device and install TWRP recovery. Then, go to GitHub and download the custom kernel that must be applied on your handset.

And finally, run the USB keyboard and connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer via a USB cable in order to control your computer through your portable devices.

You can download USB Keyboard from here.

2. Intel Remote Keyboard

Intel® Remote Keyboard

This is dedicated software developed by Intel and available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 computers. The app will let you control your computer through your Android-based smartphone or tablet.

Shortly, the app will pair the Android device with the Windows computer, through a wireless connection, so that you can use your portable device as a virtual keyboard and mouse.

Once the software is installed and configured on your Android device you will be able to use the keyboard app for controlling your Windows 10 PC. Therefore, you can control your computer from a distance as long as your wireless network will allow.

First, you will have to install the Intel Host app on your computer – you can download the latest Remote Keyboard Host software from this page. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to install this program on your PC.

Afterward, go to Google Play (the download link can be accessed here) and download/install the Intel® Remote Keyboard app on your smartphone or tablet.

In the end, run the tool and pair your Android device with your computer – that’s basically everything that must be done.

Expert tip:


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We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
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One last thing – Intel Remote Keyboard is a free-distributed program, so you have nothing to worry about.

3. Remote Mouse

remote mouse

Even though the app is called Remote Mouse you will be able to use it for controlling your Windows 10 PC through a dedicated Android keyboard.

Of course, additionally, you can use a fully simulated touchpad which can be afterward easily customizable.

The app brings some useful remote features that will help you better use your PC through a remote mouse and keyboard and everything while using your Android-based smartphone or tablet.

The app received good reviews on Google Play and currently has a 4.1 rating status, which is good especially since we are discussing a third-party app that’s not developed by Intel or by Google.

Using Remote Mouse is quite similar to what we already explained in the section above.

You will need to install the app on your Android device while on your computer you will have to install the Remote Mouse server.

When the app is configured on both devices you can start the pairing process.

Now, besides using the virtual keyboard feature, you will also be able to: shut down, restart, log off or put your computer to sleep; move your mouse cursor by simply waving your phone in the air; use Android’s native speech recognition feature; and a lot more.

Remote Mouse is also available for free – you can download this app from here.

4. Mouse & Keyboard Remote

Mouse & Keyboard Remote

Mouse & Keyboard Remote is a good app that will let you use Android as PC keyboard.

However, it won’t have as many features as the apps already reviewed above and will display ads within the app functionality if you choose the free version.

With this software, you will be able to control the mouse through a virtual touchpad and type text with the Android software keyboard or a built-in hardware keyboard.

Other additional remote features aren’t included, so you will actually get only basic functionality.

The app has a ranking score of 3.9 on Google Play – the reviews are saying that the keyboard isn’t always working properly, so some restarts might be required from time to time; the virtual touchpad is working like a charm though.

You can download Mouse & Keyboard Remote from here – the server app for your Windows 10 PC is also available on the app’s official Google Play page.

5. MouseMote AirRemote Full

MouseMote AirRemote Full

MouseMote AirRemote Full is similar to Mouse & Keyboard Remote in terms of basic functionality and built-in features.

However, this is a paid app so you won’t experience any ads while using the virtual keyboard or touchpad or while trying to control your Windows 10 PC through your Android smartphone or tablet.

The app uses gesture controls, can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, has a Web browser mode, and comes with PowerPoint mode and integrated media player controls.

As already outlined, this is a paid app and it’s priced at $2.31. You can download and install the tool from this page – from there you can also install the dedicated server app for your Windows 10 PC.

Final thoughts

So, if you want to use your Android portable device as a PC keyboard and/or touchpad you can use one of the apps that were reviewed above.

In case you already tested other similar platforms that let you control your Windows 10 computer from a distance, share your experience with us and with our readers – based on your observations we will update this tutorial accordingly.

Of course, you will receive all the credits so, use the comments field below without hesitation.