7 Best Secret Santa Generators & Gift Exchange Organizers

Organize Secret Santa with the help of this online tools

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Key notes

  • Secret Santa organizer web apps will help you draw the names automatically and avoid the old hat procedure.
  • Some of the services even offer the possibility to communicate your wishes to your secret partner anonymously.
  • All the programs have the option of sending the invitations online so you can avoid any contact between the participants.
Best Secret Santa organizers

Christmas is coming and we’re all going to offer and receive many presents. However, choosing the right present for your loved ones or for coworkers can sometimes be quite difficult.

When dealing with a small group, you can just work with some names in a hat to make the Secret Santa draw but if you have over 20+ party, things get complicated.

If you want to find out what your loved ones wish for Christmas and better manage your gift list, we suggest you use one of the Secret Santa websites listed below.

How can a Secret Santa organizer help?

For those of you who don’t know about this tradition, we will explain how it works and how to make the process easier.

Secret Santa is a game created originally for enterprises where the people in a group are randomly assigned a person to whom they offer a gift on Christmas.

The person you are assigned was traditionally made by putting all the names on pieces of paper and drawing from a hat.

This way, you don’t know who is your Secret Santa partner and everyone gets a surprise gift they wouldn’t think about.

With some of the web apps below, you can even tell your partner about your desired gift anonymously so the chances are you will get it.

Add a wishlist so that your Secret Santa partner knows what to get for you

Another condition for this game is to set up a budget limit for the gifts like 20$ or 50$ so that everybody gets similar value gifts and everyone stays happy.

The services we listed below automatize this process so that you can avoid direct contact and do the whole draw a lot faster and easier.

What are the best Secret Santa generators?

Secret Santa Organizer

Secret Santa Organizer is a free online Secret Santa gift exchange organizer that will definitely make your work easier. You can use it to better plan your Secret Santa party with friends, family, and co-workers.

First, create your wishlist to let Santa know what you want for Christmas. Then, it is sent to your Secret Santa.

Secret Santa Organizer randomly assigns persons to each other to give a present to one another.

In this manner, you can keep track of the number of persons taking part in this year’s Secret Santa party and you’re sure that the recipients will all love their presents.

Get Secret Santa Organizer

Draw Names

Draw Names is a simple platform that allows you to submit the names and email addresses of your friends and organize a Secret Santa gift exchange.

You can also use your group from the last year or add new friends to the list.

Each group chooses one person to be their organizer. The Organizer adds the name and email address of all the group members and sends an email regarding the gift exchange.

The secret Santa randomizer then draws names for all the participants and emails them their drawn names.

Members can submit their own wish list and send questions to their Secret Santa, if need be, for more details.

Get Draw Names

Elfster’s Secret Santa generator

Elfster’s Secret Santa generator guides you through the whole Secret Santa process.

First of all, you create a wish list, then you start a Secret Santa event by inviting your friends, family, or co-workers. In the end, you simply go shopping using Elfster’s gift guides.

It’s interesting that you can enter your birthday and if all the members of the group do that too, you will be able to use Elfster to know when it’s time to send them a gift.

As you can see, you can find all the Secret Santa resources that you need in one place. The only trick is that you need to sign up first to use the service.

Get Elfster

Sneaky Santa

Sneaky Santa is a useful Secret Santa generator you can use to organize this year’s Secret Santa party.

The platform allows you to set up rules for the name drawing, send anonymous messages to the person whose name you draw, and share gift ideas.

First of all, you need to create or join a group. Then you enter gift ideas on your wishlist. You then draw names and check out what everybody wants.

However, in order to use this service, you will have to create an account by using your email address.

Get Sneaky Santa


Picking the right gift for your loved ones is never an easy task. But this is where Giftster comes in. This platform offers you all the tools you need to get gifts right.

The Gifter process includes five steps but they are pretty easy to go through. First, create a wish list and add all the items that would make for perfect presents.

Next, enter additional information such as preferences (color, size, etc.) for the gifts. Then, create a private Secret Santa group by sending invites to people.

Giftster will draw the names and as an organizer, you will even be able to see if someone bought the gift because they can check a box on their side of the app.

Get Giftster

My Wishlist

Picking the names for Secret Santa can sometimes be quite time-consuming but with My Wishlist, you can easily organize your Secret Santa party.

This web app has four steps to go through and the process is pretty simple and straightforward, so you won’t need too much time to complete it.

First, you need to enter your name and email, then the other participants’ names. Next, you can add exclusions for any participants.

For instance, you can block a participant to draw your name or somebody else’s name from the hat.

Next, you need to enter the event name and date and review the list so that you make sure you didn’t leave anybody out.

The last step is to send the Secret Santa drawing by mail or WhatsApp. You can also use your corporate email to send a link that was generated automatically.

The My Wishlist web app is free and easy to use and although the design is not so full of Christmas cheer, it will do the job just fine.

Get My Wishlist


Another interesting choice for an online Secret Santa generator is Pikkado.

The tool allows you to create a dedicated group, launch the invitations by email to make sure that all the people want to participate at your Secret Santa event, draw the names, and then send the Secret Santa names to your friends.

Pikkado also allows you to simulate and perform the virtual draw, reuse your groups year after year (this is a very handy feature), manage your exchange rules, and more.

The tool is perfect for organizing corporate Secret Santa events.

Get Pikkado

That’s about it for our list of Secret Santa websites. We hope that your Secret Santa will be really generous with you this year!

And if you want to really up the ante, you can send all the people in the office one of the best online Christmas cards and really make an impression.

Have you made the draw using one of our suggestions? Tell us how it all went with your celebration at the office in the comments section below.

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