Best security cameras to protect your home [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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Arlo Q

Another simple security camera for your home is Arlo Q. This is a 1080p camera and it will record video in HD quality. The camera stores all recordings that are triggered by motion or sound in the cloud for seven days so you can easily view any missed alerts and recordings. In addition, there’s an option to store 24/7 recordings on the cloud. It’s also worth mentioning that this is a night vision camera so it comes with an integrated infrared lights.


The camera has a 130-degree wide angle lens that will ensure that you don’t miss a thing. This camera also allows you to back up your recordings using the microUSB port. Unlike previous entries on our list, this one supports power over Ethernet, so you can power the camera and transfer data using a single cable.

Just like all other cameras on our list, this one comes with a dedicated app that you can use to check your camera at any time. In addition, you’ll get mobile or email notifications whenever a camera detects a motion or a sound. It’s also worth mentioning that you can connect up to five Arlo Q cameras for free and create a security network in your home. Lastly, you can share your recordings or access to the camera with your family or friends.

Arlo Q is a solid security camera and you can set it up in a matter of minutes. Regarding the price, the camera is available for $139.

Zmodo Pivot

Zmodo Pivot is another security camera for your home, but unlike other cameras on our list, this one comes with door and window sensors. This camera supports remote rotation, and you can rotate it automatically or manually. The camera can rotate automatically to the door sensor as soon as the door or window is open. Just like many other cameras on our list, this one has built-in humidity and temperature sensors.

It’s worth mentioning that Zmodo Pivot can work with other smart devices such as door sensors, smart lightning and doorbells. Regarding the camera, it records 1080p video and it has 135-degree wide angle. The camera has 360-degree motion detection and automatic 360 pan when motion is detected. This camera comes with 16GB built-in storage so you can easily view old recordings. Unfortunately there’s no support for cloud storage, but according to the manufacturer it should be available soon.

Zmodo Pivot is a solid security camera with decent features, and you can purchase this camera for $99.

Ring Stick Up Cam

This is an outdoor camera and it offers weather-resistant and wireless design. The camera allows you to set up zones that will trigger the alerts, and it also supports two-way communication. Of course, the camera comes with infrared LEDs so it fully supports night vision. It’s worth mentioning that the camera also supports cloud video recording so you can easily view any previous recordings online. Regarding cloud storage, you can store up to 6 months of activity online. We have to mention that cloud recording feature isn’t free, but you can subscribe for it on yearly or monthly basis.

Regarding the camera, it supports HD video and it has 80-degree field of view. The camera has a built-in battery that can last up to 6-12 hours with regular usage. As for charging, the camera uses microUSB port for charging and you can even purchase a solar panel that will continuously recharge the battery.


Ring Stick Up Cam is a solid outdoor security camera and you can purchase it for $198.85.

Vimtag VT-361

Vimtag VT-361 is a simple security camera that offers high definition video recording with 4x digital zoom. In addition to HD video, this camera also supports night vision and seamless two-way voice functionality.

The camera offers manual panning and tilting so you can adjust the camera remotely anyway you like. This device is compatible with various accessories and you can use it with wireless sensors or Vimtag Cloud Storage. If you don’t want to purchase Vimtag Cloud Storage you can also use microSD cards up to 32GB for your recordings.

Regarding connectivity, this system works with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. The device supports motion detection and will send you a real-time app notification if any motion is detected. In addition to notification, the camera will save a snapshot or audio/video recording.

Vimtag VT-361 is a decent security camera, and it’s available for $93.49.

Amcrest ProHD

If you want a security camera that is simple to use, you might want to try Amcrest ProHD. This is a full HD camera and it supports 1920×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second. The camera has 90-degree viewing angle and it supports remote panning, tilting and zooming.

Another feature of this camera is night vision, and this camera supports night vision up to 32 feet. The camera also supports two-way audio, which can be rather useful. Regarding the connectivity, the device supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Amcrest ProHD comes with a dedicated app that will give you a notification whenever a motion is detected. Regarding the video storage, you can record videos to Amcrest cloud, Amcrest NVR or to a microSD card. Amcrest ProHD is a solid security camera, and you can purchase this device for $89.99.

D-Link DCS-932L

D-Link DCS-932L is a simple security camera and you can use it to secure your home or a small office. The camera supports night vision along with motion and sound detection. Similarly to other entries on our list, you can remotely check your camera on any device over the Internet.

The camera will send you a snapshot along with email notification whenever it detects a sound or motion. If you want, you can customize the areas that you want to monitor and set the volume threshold. The camera features night vision up to 5 meters thanks to the built-in infrared LEDs. It’s worth mentioning that this camera has its dedicated application that allows you to view multiple cameras from a single device.

The camera has a VGA CMOS sensor so it offers 640 x 480 resolution at 20fps. D-Link DCS-932L is a simple security camera, and if you’re looking for affordable camera with humble specifications this model can be perfect for you. The biggest flaw of this device is its low resolution, but if you want the most basic security camera you can order this model for $31.75.

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