Sizer 4 is the best solution for re-sizing windows

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While working with Windows, there can be very specific requirements for any particular task. If one of those requirements has to do with window dimensions, users are in luck. There is a very easy way in which windows can be fine-tuned to very specific parameters: with a nifty little tool called Sizer 4, which allows users easily make windows smaller or bigger.

Easy to use and efficient in usage

It’s very easy to use this application as it does not require any type of skill or experience. It’s literally as simple as opening the tool and then starting to resize windows. After the Sizer 4 application is open, users simply have to drag the window frame so that it takes the shape they want it to take. This updates in real time so there is no guessing game involved.

Resizing doesn’t have to be a fully manual task either. Hovering the cursor over the right top corner of any window while Sizer 4 is active will result in the cursor visually letting users know that the window can be resized. A right click will open the list of pre-determined dimensions from which one can choose the one most appropriate to them and what they’re looking for.

The list of pre-determined dimensions can be altered as users see fit. They can either remove one of the options or add a personalized one. Or, both. Thanks to Sizer 4’s ability to set up hotkeys, users can have one or multiple windows instantly re-size with the press of a button.

Great tool for easy tasks

After just a couple of uses, it becomes easy to see that downloading the tool is the most effort that needs to be put in the whole task of re-sizing windows. Today, there are many applications that bring simplicity and efficiency to the table with no hassle, and Sizer 4 is one of them.



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