Microsoft changes its mind, extends Skype 7 support

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skype 7 support extended

In July 2018, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue Skype 7.0 (Skype Classic) in September 2018. The company confirmed the newly updated Skype 8.0 would replace 7.0. However, after something of a backlash on its forums, Microsoft has gone back on its original announcement by stating that it will extend support for Skype 7.

Microsoft’s original announcement that it will ditch Skype 7 in favor of 8.0 did not go down a storm. Microsoft was pushing a lot of users into updating the app when they actually preferred the 7.0 version. Lots of users rate Skype Classic more highly as they can open chats in separate windows and customize contact notifications. One user stated:

With the previous Skype I had (I think it might have been the Classic) I was able to set it up so that each person I was chatting with had their own window. I looked in the settings for Skype for Windows 10 and couldn’t find those options.

Users initially expressed their concerns regarding speculation that Microsoft might abandon Skype 7 in June. When the company confirmed it in July, some users could hardly believe it. After many posts on Microsoft forums lamenting the company’s announcement to discontinue Skype 7, the software giant has now reconsidered ditching Skype Classic.

Babs (Skype) updated an original forum post seeking feedback for the update. Now that forum post states: “UPDATE: Based on customer feedback, we are extending support for Skype 7 (Skype Classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use Skype Classic until then.” Thus, Microsoft has now confirmed that it will continue to support Skype Classic beyond September.

Many Skype users are delighted Microsoft listened to feedback. One user stated, “WHOOPEE! We’re all watching – let’s hope what you have to offer in the near future is a decided improvement on the impoverished Skype you were about to offer!” Maybe now Microsoft will look for a way to incorporate simultaneous chat window support in the latest Skype 8.0 as widely requested.

So you don’t need to update to Skype 8.0 by September 2018 after all! Exactly how long Microsoft will continue to support Skype 7.0 remains unclear, but for now users can still stick with the classic Skype desktop app. Until Microsoft implements some of the changes users have requested for Skype 8.0, Skype 7 will probably retain a substantial user base.

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