Skype for Life is not a multi-platform app, but a new generation of cross-platform clients

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Recent reports suggested Microsoft started working on a cross-platform Skype client code named Skype for Life that would be available for iOS, macOS, Linux, Android and Windows. According to some reports, the company even shut down the Skype office in London to work on this multi-platform app.

In an official statement, the company explained it took this decision to “consolidate offices in London”. As such, it unified engineering positions even though it might affect some global Skype and Yammer roles. However, it committed to helping anybody who might suffer from these drastic changes.

Now, new information just emerged revealing that Skype for Life is not a brand-new cross-platform client, but rather a new generation of cross-platform clients:

These new Skype clients will no doubt be marketed under the banner “Skype for Life,” because these clients, combined with the new architecture, provide pervasive Skype connectivity, no matter where you are or what devices you use. That, clearly, is what “Skype for Life” means. It’s not one new cross-platform client. It’s a new generation of cross-platform clients.

As Microsoft already has different apps for Linux, Web, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows and the Universal Windows Platform, many people thought perhaps the company’s developers came up with the idea of having a cross-platform Skype app.

At the moment, Microsoft is working on other new apps, too. According to some reports, the company is working on its Slack competitor called Skype Teams and on Skype for Business. However, for the time being, the main focus seems to be Skype for Life.



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