Skype will stop supporting Windows Phone in the near future

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Windows Phone isn’t the best operating system Microsoft has created. In fact, it was quite terrible, but that didn’t stop Microsoft fans from purchasing mobile devices that ran this operating system. At the same time, a good number of smartphones running Windows Phone are not as expensive as other handsets that run on Android or iOS.

However, it seems that Microsoft realized it needs to step up and have created Windows 10 Mobile as a response. Even if this is not the perfect mobile operating system, it is way better than the Windows Phone. However, not all Windows Phones will be able to be updated to Windows 10 Mobile.

For owners of these “outdated” smartphones, Microsoft has announced that Skype will stop supporting Windows Phone. This will surely be the final slap for many owners of the devices running Windows Phone. Many of them will most likely decide to switch to an Android or iOS device because of this.

Gurdeep Pall from the Skype Team said they need to keep up the pace with other popular mobile applications and in order to bring some new features to Skype, many of them will require Windows 10 Mobile.

Pall also added these decisions were not that easy to make, but they are necessary. If not,  Skype will fall behind rivals on features and options. In other words, if an application doesn’t come with new features and options, users will lose their interest and switch to other applications with better offers.

Skype will continue to be supported on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Yosemite, Android 4.03 (and up) and iOS 8 (and up).


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Obviously, the author had never actually used a Windows Phone or Windows 10 mobile device, as it is definitely not “quite terrible”. The OS is one of the most efficient (simple, secure & powerful) mobile operating systems around. And Skype is only ending support for the legacy versions of the apps for Windows Phone 7/8. The app will not be retired (will continue to work on the legacy devices), but will not receive updates or patches over time. The Skype UWP app for Windows 10 (desktop, mobile, HoloLens) will continue to be supported.

This is lightly veiled clickbait… Microsoft is retiring support for Skype on ALL MOBILE OSes that are three years old or older. Windows Mobile is still supported. I do, however wish that more 8.1 devices would be upgradeable to 10. I also wish my iPhone 4 would run Pokemon Go.