Players angry at Bethesda for disabling achievements in Skyrim with mods

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One thing that keeps Skyrim alive to this day is its great compatibility with mods. Skyrim mods are in high demand, especially after the release of its Special Edition, with hundreds of available for players to enhance their experience.

Almost anyone who’s ever played Skyrim has tried at least one game mod. But, there’s one problem: Bethesda has disabled achievements on all modded games. Even the smallest mod will disable Steam achievements. Although the company never clarified why it disabled achievements on modded copies, users have a couple of reasons in mind.

Allegedly, Bethesda sees mods as a kind of cheating. Therefore, mods are presented to make the gameplay easier and the company wants achievements to be earned 100% legitimately. Also, there’s fear of system abuse in the case a mod can automatically unlock all achievements for players who install it.

While the situation doesn’t bother some Skyrim players, others are pretty angry because there are no achievements in modded games. Passionate users of Skyrim mods claim that Bethesda is disrespecting the entire community of modders by not allowing them to hunt for achievements.

This turned out to be a serious discussion on Bethesda forums where one user threw rocks at the company. According to him, Bethesda is not being fair towards players who use mods. Skyrim mods rarely, if never, make the game easier according to players. Mods can only make gameplay harder says the community. Because of that, certain players feel like they’re being punished for using mods.

Unsatisfied players suggest Bethesda enable achievements for modded games in order to make things right. However, the company is still silent, with mods still locking achievements when installed.

For all those who feel this is unfair, there’s actually a way to enable achievements in modded copies. Guess how? By installing a mod! As its name says, the Achievements Mods Enabler mod for Skyrim makes achievements available for everyone.

How do you feel about the lack of achievements in modded copies of Skyrim? Do you think it’s unfair or do you simply not care? Let us know in the comments below.


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I feel it’s a bit odd, to be a company so heavily invested in games that modders really show up and show out content & community wise, routinely fixing game breaking bugs, horrible progress crushing glitches making more races than 4-5 😐 playable, and other things Bethesda lazily throws together.

To disable their achievements for basically fixing your crappy game? Pfft.

I would never throw another dollar at their sorry selves. But I’m the kind of consumer who shows appreciation and displeasure with his wallet. Not his words.

You want something done right you stop supporting those who do it wrong. Simple and plain.

I agree with you – to a point. When you use mods you are playing a game that is not the game Bethesda released. You want achievements, you play the game Bethesda released. You want to play a game with all kinds of added content? You don’t get achievements.

This is not a difficult concept to understand.

Yeah, which is the other side of the coin. I usually try to play through the game sans mods to get achievements, but it is not easy.

I’m glad that they came out with the mod that allows achievements when using mods. 😉

I’m irritated with Bethesda as well. Who cares if you change the way the vanilla game is played? Unless you’re using a hack that immediately unlocks achievements, mods don’t really have an effect on how achievements are unlocked. Using console commands to auto-complete quests doesn’t disable achievements, BTW. If you think about it, a whole lot of Skyrim’s “achievements” are simply completing quests, doing random objectives, or joining a faction. Why would modders bother to create a mod that auto-unlocks achievements when there are already programs out there on the web that do that for you?
Plus, we’re talking about mods that have been APPROVED by Bethesda and are supported by them. If these are Bethesda-approved mods, shouldn’t they already have been screened for game/immersion-breaking stuff like auto-unlocking achievements, or giving a truly unfair advantage? I’ve been on the website of Bethesda approved mods. Nothing there, that I’ve seen, warrants the disabling of achievements. -.-
It was a stupid move on Bethesda’s side, and simply created the necessity for a workaround. Of course, the achievements aren’t disabled if you use Nexus mods you installed on your own. Haha. The only reason you’d use Bethesda’s setup is because of the (crappy) interface for mod installation that they provide in-game.

That was my point precisely. You summed it up great 🙂 If the game came out playable from beginning to end with now issue, I’d never use another mod. I don’t like to play modded games, but when it comes to Bethesda it’s almost forced upon you if you want to play from iteration to iteration.

Morrowind, Oblivion tons of freedom with races and playstyles. Skyrim with it’s stock race options and “overhaul” of playstyle really put me off it for years. Modders made the game look like an actual Elder Scrolls game, with choices and comfort. Not my fault as a consumer they put a lackluster effort into their newer games. I’m glad Fallout 4 was legit at least.