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This is a website focused on Windows 8 happenings and coverage on various Windows 8 apps, but from time to time, we also write about important tech news that are affecting and impacting the community. And here’s one of them.
slashdot is down
I am an active reader of the popular website Slashdot and one of the users who submit stories there, having been registered with them for more than 3 years now. And I think this is one of the greatest websites in the world, aggregating some of the most important tech news which are unraveling across the whole world. But I have now tried to access the website and it seems that it is down, and since nobody has covered, I’ve decided that the big number of Slashdot followers need to be aware of this.

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slashdot down 2014

At first, I thought I was the only one complaining about this, but then I went on the official Slashdot Facebook page and discovered that more are unable to access the website, as you can see for yourself in the screenshot from below. I have gone on various forums and have tried to find a potential reason for the outage, but haven’t been able to discover why exactly is Slashdot down. I’ve reached out to the official team and will update the post once more information gets revealed.

Update 1 – Slashdot seems to be working fine for me now, but some users across the world are still reporting problems. Slashdot said there isn’t an official server downtime, so, try to user a different browser and after that, maybe clear the cache and restart your system.


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