Sleipnir Web Browser: What do you need to know?

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • There are several web browsers that dominate the browser market, but there are also a few less known browsers that are worthy of your attention.
  • One of these browsers is Sleipnir, and in today’s article, we’re going to tell you more about it.
  • Your online security is dependent on the web browser you're using, so visit our Security section.
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Sleipnir Browser

When it comes to web browsers, the most popular choices are the ones that are intended for the global market.

However, there are many less popular browsers, such as Sleipnir, and speaking of which, in today’s article we’re going to see what Sleipnir can do.

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What is the Sleipnir browser and should I use it?

1. What is the Sleipnir browser?

sleipnir browser page

Sleipnir browser is developed by a Japanese company Fenrir Inc, and it was introduced way back in 2004.

Just like many web browsers at the time, Sleipnir had the ability to change the layout engine as needed.  The browser had support for two engines, Trident and Gecko.

However, with the added support for the WebKit engine, the support for Gecko was dropped. As for other features, the browser has support for tab grouping as well as mouse gestures.

The newer versions of the browser also offer better text rendering similar to the one on Mac OS. Speaking of which, the browser fully supports Retina displays.

The browser is fast, and it even has the support for Chrome extensions. As for availability, you can get this browser on all major desktop and mobile platforms.

You can download the browser from the official website, but the website is on Japanese so you might have a bit of trouble using it if you don’t speak Japanese.

=> Download Sleipnir Browser

2. Are there any Sleipnir alternatives?

install Opera

Although Sleipnir offers unique features, it still lacks some features in the safety department, and this is why Opera might be a better choice.

Opera has tracking protection that will speed up webpage loading by blocking tracking scripts and cookies. The browser also has cryptomining protection which will surely come in handy.

Additional features include a built-in ad blocker and a free VPN with unlimited bandwidth for extra privacy.

The browser also has instant messenger and Instagram integration, built-in screenshot tool, not to mention the ability to organize tabs into workspaces.

On top of everything, it is based on the Chromium engine, it supports Chrome extensions, and it’s available on all desktop and mobile platforms, so feel free to try it out.



Looking for an alternative to the Sleipnir browser? If you haven’t already, don't hesitate to install Opera!
Get it free Visit website

Sleipnir is a solid browser with some unique features, but if you want a secure and reliable browser, you should stick with a browser such as Opera.

Let us know you final choice in the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about web browsers

  • What is the difference between a browser and a search engine?

A web browser is an application that is used to access web pages. A search engine is a service that allows you to search for web pages online.

  • What is Web browser example?

A web browser is an application that you use to view and access websites. An example of a web browser would be an Opera browser.

  • Which browser is fastest?

The speed of a web browser can vary depending on several factors, but according to users, Opera is one of the fastest browsers out there.

  • Is Google considered a browser?

No, Google is a company behind Google search engine. On the other hand, Google Chrome is a web browser created by Google.