Best soccer statistics software [2021 Guide]

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soccer analysis software
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The best soccer statistics software are created with one goal: To help record and make sense of what’s happening on the pitch.

And this makes a lot of sense considering the difficulties coaches, managers, and even players face when trying to grasp the full action amidst the adrenaline rush.

From tracking goals, and assists, corner kicks, saves, possession, tackles, all the way to take-ons, soccer statistics software give meaning to each exploit in the 90 minutes.

What’s the role of soccer statistics tracking tools?

A match can have hundreds of events. Now, that is massive activity and it can be hectic to record and follow.

As such, these software simplify matters by presenting an automated recording platform then presenting the numbers in a summarized and quick to understand format. Ultimately, by monitoring every piece of the action, one can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses in their lineup.

There is also the added bonus of storing important teams and player’s statistics in an organized way. After looking at what each of the contenders had to offer, we settled on the very best. Take a look.

What are the best soccer statistics software to use?

Team Snap Soccer Team Stat Tracker


Teamsnap is a favorite for coaches, organizers, and managers and has a population of over 15 million satisfied users.

Its deep database captures every key detail really simplifying every aspect when you come to understanding your team’s play and player’s numbers.

Users especially appreciate the simple setup and looking at it deeply, you will be hard pressed to find reasons to disagree.

It’s so simple to input the stats for teams and get the kind of reports you need.

Customization is even simpler and users have nothing but praise for the direct steps.

Within a few clicks, you have figured out how to get it to display the various stats to your liking regardless of how unique your calculations are.

It also captures everything and seamlessly in one window: Saves, goals, shutouts, assists, fouls, and every other stat you need.

Additionally, teamsnap’s users can sort the stats in relevant groups or completely change existing stats.

There is the free trial while the pricing for this online tracker is $13.99/mo for each team.

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StatCrew Software

StatCrew Software

StatCrew software is another cloud solution and one of the most advanced in today’s stats-mad soccer world.

Not only does StatCrew’s advanced metrics reveal the intricacies of the beautiful sport, but it also brings forth absolutely precise players action.

The provided stats are both an excellent predictor of what could happen in the next game and a historical record to be used to refine a team’s organization in an attempt to get results.

StatCrew stats also deliver an accurate snapshot of the lively action at any minute during a match.

This combination produces an in-depth insight into the team’s playing style, control, and every individual player’s contribution.

There’s even a manual boxscore entry where needed.

Conveniently, the statistics are made available in various formats to suit the requirements of its mass of users.

It even auto-generates PDF or HTML files for websites. Similarly, an XML game file can be extracted.

The program is currently priced at $399.

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StatTrak for Soccer software

StatTrak for Soccer software has proven to be a comprehensive stats program with its myriad advanced, yet easy to use features.

It tracks and calculates over 40 different stats for goals,kicks, blocks, fouls, assists, team standings, won/lost record, game scores, and more.

The software is versatile and can be used for all levels of the sport including professional leagues, high schools, and college teams.

Users can easily add up to 7 different types of games (conference, tournament, league, etc) and print respective detailed reports in minutes!

Sorting can be by one team, multiple-teams, individual games, all games, chosen games, individual players, and all players.

Plus, the developer offers free technical support on runs on all platforms including Windows 10 and 8.

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TurboStats soccer statistics software

turbostats software

TurboStats is another tremendous asset to every soccer team.

Its array of impressive features offers everything needed including broadcasting live stats plus photos to managers/coaches from the sidelines

It also automatically displays the games tendencies after each piece of play in addition to simulating blocking versus different defenses.

The live scoring tool is highly efficient while on the pitch and will even upload stats to linked websites.

Users can enter data after games from their scorebooks or live. One can also fully edit or undo any event.

The software tracks unlimited teams and over 200 statistics per player. Depth charts, final box scores, play-by-play reports, and practice planners are all available.

It works on tablets and comes with a cloud sharing option.

DakStats Soccer statistics software

DakStats Football Software final

DakStats soccer statistics software is a quick to learn, easy to operate and dependable stat tracking program.

The program comes has several advantages. For example, it offers flexible entry modes.

One can again enter play-by-play stats during a game live or use the provided box entry mode for entering the stats you may have tracked manually.

Another awesome option is the multi-format reporting tool. Using it, operators can create informative game, season, and even career reports readily in HTML format. This allows for easy emailing and posting to websites.

Also welcome is its interactive nature. Even new users agree that the intuitive user interface plus the useful quick start guides are a far cry from the complex interfaces in some of the competing programs.

Furthermore, the peerless display integration enables coaches to connect DakStats software to the exciting daktronics scoreboard to easily grasp the performance history.


By tracking the crucial soccer team stats both online and offline, these software makes things super easy for coaches, players, teams, and enthusiasts.

There are several options in the market but undoubtedly, the above five are a cut above the rest.

That said, users should check factors like ease of use, interactivity, and pricing among others when selecting.

And as usual, starting with the trial versions is a smart way of testing the waters.

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