4 reliable share market software to keep track of your stocks

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Share Market - software for share market

Because trading stocks is a hard area of business as it is, getting some help when it comes to coordination of stocks and help with decisions based on real-time data, you will need to use specialized trading software.

This type of software allows you to perform advanced-level analysis of the stock market, can set custom reminders, alerts regarding a price stock limit, etc.

It is worth mentioning that not all trading software allows you to buy and sell stock from the app, but if this feature is not included, the software is fully compatible with brokerage software.

Having real-time information is one thing, making quick decisions is another, and selling or buying stocks is the final element.

You can gather real-time information by using the software we will list in this article, create your own charts, and create custom settings for the stock filter used to get relevant information.

Let’s explore some of the best stock managing software options on the market in 2019.

Best share market software for PC



TC2000 - stock market software

TC2000 is a fully featured software stock option that covers all your needs when it comes to scanning charts and also trading stocks.

The scanning feature found in TC2000 is incredibly fast and gives you a perfectly structured report of all stocks that meet your requirements and also based on the risk involved in that transaction.

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This software allows you to use notes and flag stocks, by remembering which charts you were using and organizing them into a comprehensive and easy to access list.

TC2000 has a smart scaling feature, and you can visually compare trends and the difference between swing sizes as well.

Here are some other very useful features found in TC2000:

  • Easily modify and place orders by dragging on the charts
  • Can keep an overview over positions and orders in your watchlists
  • Can overlay underlying stocks with option strategies
  • Great projections of P&L zones (profit and loss statements)
  • Easily set up step-limit orders that help you get a better price
  • Can access your portfolio anywhere – mobile platform, Windows, or online Web Trader
  • Trading is done by using top of the range types of trendlines, channels, and indicators

You can find a great tutorial by visiting the official TC2000 video webpage.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by this software and feel that you need a bit more help, you can visit the official help page. 

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EquityFeed - share market software

EquityFeed is second in our list because its features are similar to the TC2000 software, but with a different software structure and with some different skills.

As in the case of TC2000, EquityFeed offers you access to all the tools you need to order to stay informed, make informed decisions, and see real-time results of your stock transactions.

One of the best features found in EquityFeed is its ability to scan for stock in depth, with the power to customize the scanning filters. These filters are so efficient that they can reduce the time spent searching for the stock you’re interested in, from 10-20 minutes to a few seconds.

Track your financial investments like a pro with this specialized software.

Having this feature at your disposal allows you to make informed decisions without risking to lose your funds.

Another very useful tool found in EquityFeed is the professional-level trade alerts. These alerts are generated automatically by EquityFeed by using the powerful built-in pattern recognition tool.

Using this feature allows you to stay ahead of the curve by staying informed in real-time regarding any price variations for your selected stocks, breaking price average, moving large block trades, etc.

As we all know, the most important stocks are the ones we put in our portfolio or the ones we targetted for future transactions. In order to have unlimited access to these items without any issues, EquityFeed gives you the power to keep the entire range of information safe.

You can also create an unlimited number of watchlists, and check each of them out as the stocks are sold/bought.

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Optuma - share market software

Optuma is another great analysis software for the share market that offers you real-time information about the stocks you are interested in, with built-in alerts for price changes and variations of stocks.

Let’s explore some of the best options found in Optuma:

  • Single security charts (a chart that is calculated on the price history of single security) – contains all the single chart styles – bar, candle, point & figure, swing charts, etc.
  • Multiple security charts – (calculated on multiple securities) – bubble charts, column charts, scatter plots, relative rotation graphs
  • A very powerful scripting language that allows you to transform your ideas to reality
  • Scripting can be avoided entirely, allowing you to be used with point & click for charts and adding technical indicators
  • Great scanning manager – allows you to quickly search through thousands of securities

Optuma offers you full access to two modules that will help you learn to script.

If you often do online banking on your PC, we recommend installing one of these antivirus solutions.

You can find a wide range of incredibly comprehensive video courses on the Optuma official education website, or you can visit the official user forum, and try the tutorials found there.

You can also find a good range of professional-level webinars on this page.

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QuantShare - share market software

QuantShare is another great stock market software that allows you to perform a variety of tasks – charting, backtesting, optimizing, composites, etc.

The wide range of tools found in this program gives you the power to display charts, add indicators, create custom watchlists, apply specific trading strategies, and can even create portfolios based on the choices of strategy that you made.

This software was designed with traders and investors in mind, making it a fair competitor to the other software options we presented in this article, and integrates perfectly with Forex, Futures, Options and also ETFs trader software.

When using QuantShare, you can access a wide range of pre-made data downloaders, watchlists, trading systems, etc. , and also get personalized support through the process.

Here are some of the best features found in QuantShare:

  • Can work with multiple accounts and databases
  • More than 25 drawing tools
  • Charting features
  • Advanced money management
  • News/Data plugin
  • Easily share items and ideas with other QuantShare users
  • Task manager
  • Compatible with any US and international markets

If you want to see a full list of features, you can visit the official QuantShare page.

If you feel like you need a tutorial to help you get started, you can visit the official tutorial webpage.

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In this article, we explored some of the best software options on the market to help you with real-time data gathering and also actual selling and buying stocks.

Please feel free to let us know what your experience with these software options was by using the comment section below.