Download SpyShelter anti-keylogger for Windows 10, 7

by Elena Constantinescu
Elena Constantinescu
Elena Constantinescu
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Using a computer that doesn’t belong to you comes with certain risks since you never know what’s installed on it, like keyloggers. Those are a kind of malware which might compromise your safety by secretly monitoring everything you type while you’re logged into Windows.

If you become a victim of keyloggers, you will inadvertently expose your email login credentials, credit card details, and any other sensitive information that must be typed. One way to fend off keyloggers is by using a virtual keyboard. But a better solution is to turn to a powerful anti-keylogger application like SpyShelter.

SpyShelter is a security software solution designed to keep you safe from keyloggers. It comes bundled with many components, including webcam and screen grab protection, an advanced firewall, along with application execution control. It also acts as an anti-ransomware tool.

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