5 best free anti-keylogger software for your Windows PC [2018 List]

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Keystroke logging or keylogging is a technique that’s used by hackers to catch your keystrokes in order to extract precious data such as passwords, bank account details and more.

There are various types of keyloggers, and these include hooking keyloggers and kernel-driver keyloggers. Kernel ones are harder to detect because when they are installed, they can be almost invisible.

The best defense against this kind is to stop them from getting installed in the first place by blocking all driver-installation via limited user accounts or HIPS. Hook-based keyloggers are easier detected, and most software works against them flawlessly.

Keyloggers can usually be detected by signatures, and there’s software that reveals keyloggers because it can defeat the methods used by the keyloggers to hide.

We gathered five of the best free anti-keylogger programs that will protect your system, so make sure to check out their sets of features, just to make the most informed decision for your computer running Windows.

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Free anti-keylogging software for Windows that you can use in 2018


SpyShelter Free (recommended)

Spyhelter Free is a handy way to protect your system running Windows. This anti-keylogger app can protect your computer against any known and unknown custom complied malware such as keystroke loggers and more.

This app is able to continually monitor all the vulnerable areas from your operating system, in our case, Windows, just to make sure that your personal data is being protected from data-hacking software.

Check out more impressive features that are included in SpyShelter Free:

  • There are various modules that are integrated into this app’s set of functions, and they help the software better understand how malware operated and how it can alter your system files.
  • These modules that we’ve mentioned make sure that your computer is protected at all times from unwanted intrusions that are able to expose confidential data.
  • SpyShelter Free can detect and stop most complex malware.
  • Using, this app you will be able to enjoy high-quality anti-keylogging protection.
  • You will also get clipboard and screen protection.
  • SpyShelter Free uses keystroke encryption to protect your computer.
  • There’s no need for virus databases, and the app is compatible with most anti-virus software and other security programs from your system.

The app comes with a great design, and it’s a fast and powerful tool with secure processing algorithms that won’t affect your system’s performance.

–  Download now SpyShelter Free


Zemana AntiLogger (suggested)

This program is able to recognize, prevent and block all kinds of online identity theft and financial deception tools. Financial malware can deeply harm you by obtaining your credentials which includes passwords, usernames, or credit card details.

You can wake up one morning and find out that your bank account is empty or payments can be authorized in your name, and we know that this would be a horrible nightmare.

That’s why we recommend that you take a look at the main features and functionalities that you can enjoy if you do decide to get Zemana:

  • Zemana AntiLogger is a powerful tool that’s also easy to use.
  • It will keep track of who is operating on your PC, and it monitors your system against hackers, preventing all attempts at recording and stealing your private data.
  • The app is able to block various suspicious activity.
  • Zemana makes sure that your precious data gets transmitted securely without reaching any attackers.
  • You will also be able to camouflage your daily online activities such as calling, texting, shopping and more.
  • Using Zemana, you will get the chance to enjoy the best ransomware protection.
  • This tool is also able to detect and clean your browser’s add-ons and adware infections.
  • Zemana AntiLogger comes with a lightweight and efficient online malware scanner that can detect malware and various malicious processes.
  • This tool will work continually in the background protecting your system in real time.

You can check out even more exciting features that are included in this software be heading over to Zemana AntiLogger’s official website.




Ghostpress is a modern free anti-keylogging program that is able to detect keyloggers and prevent them from capturing your keystrokes. This tool is able to do its job flawlessly, and it’s based on hiding and manipulating all of your keystrokes on a really low level. This way, keyloggers won’t ever be able to capture them.

Take a look at the program’s main features and functionalities:

  • Ghostpress is a straightforward program to use, and you won’t have to struggle with sophisticated configurations.
  • This tool is customizable, and you can set the desired features according to your preferences.
  • You will get to choose from lots of languages that are available in the program.
  • There will also be automatic updates that can be enabled in order to keep the program updated automatically.
  • There’s a “Start with Windows” option available, and this will allow the tool to star whenever you log on to the operating system.
  • In Security Settings, you will find some pretty neat security features that can prevent any attacks to the software.
  • You can enable Process Protection, and this will not let anyone but the admin stop the program’s processes.
  • The Delay Protection can be set in order to prevent the identification based on typing style.
  • The Prevent Hook Overwriting feature is another essential protection step.
  • The software’s widget can be configured to stay on top of other windows.
  • The Whitelist feature allows you to choose the apps that are not supposed to be monitored and which should be permitted keylogging.

Overall, this is a complex app that’s really easy to use and that protects your system. Download Ghostpress to start protecting your system for free.


SecureEncrypt’s SE-OPS

SecureEncrypt’s SE-OPS is another useful tool that comes with anti-keylogger features among many others. It is guaranteed to provide ransomware and malware protection. You can watch this tool in action by trying out the 15-day free trial and seeing how it works. The founder company’s mission is to protect users from cybercrime and online threats.

Check out the best features that are included in SE-OPS:

  • This tool is able to detect unusual behavior on your system and remove all malicious tools.
  • All threats are detected, blocked and removed by SE-OPS before they get a chance to infect your system.
  • SE-OPS keyboard encryption can prevent any interception of keystrokes between your keyboard and apps.
  • This tool will scan your computer for all known and unknown keyloggers, and it can also detect keyboard Hooks that come with every keylogger.
  • You will be able to enjoy real-time protection if you choose to use this tool.
  • With the help of SE-OPS, you can stop keyloggers from capturing your private logins.
  • You will get the opportunity to secure your logins for social media, email, online banking, and online gaming as well.

Check out even more features and functionalities that are included in SE-OPS by heading over to SecureEncrypt’s official website.



Use KL-Detector in order to find out whether your activity is being recorded without your knowledge. This tool is designed to detect all keyloggers and more. One of the best things about KL-Detector is that it’s free.

Take a look at more exciting features that are packed in this program below:

  • KL-Detector is compatible with systems running Windows.
  • You will not need to install the program.
  • The program is not able to remove the keylogger automatically, but it’s easy enough to do this manually.
  • KL-Detector reports the log file, and if there is such a log file, there is also a keylogger.
  • You can use this tool to detect keyloggers in a public computer before you enter your password and other essential data.
  • The software monitors disk-writes and reports the written files.
  • KL-Detector is free of adware, spyware, and other unwanted programs.

Check out more features and benefits of using KL-Detector and get this tool from its official website.

These are the best anti-keylogger tools that you can currently find online. It’s imperative that you install one of them in order to protect your system. Just make sure to check their entire sets of features and functionalities to make the most informed decision for your computer’s safety.

There are millions and millions of hackers in the world, and each of them possesses the ability to create a new dangerous cyber weapon. There’s virtually no limit to these, and this is the main reason for which it’s vital to remain as highly protected as possible.



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