3 Best Browsers To Watch Sonyliv On Your Devices

When paired with a top-notch browser, SonyLIV is stunning

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Key notes

  • The best browser to watch SonyLIV on many devices should have wide compatibility and syncing features.
  • Browsers with built-in adblocker and VPN or those that use the extensions offer great value for SonyLIV.
  • Data security and privacy should both be top of what you consider in any browser for streaming purposes.
sonyliv browser
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SonyLIV is a popular over-the-top streaming platform for watching quality shows and programs. It has made a name for itself in streaming the most-followed events, as it is used to watch the Champions league online on PC, among other programs.

While it has a mobile app that you can download on the various app stores, it still does not have a PC version. This leaves users only the option of using the online version on browsers.

Thankfully, the web version of SonyLIV is stunning in itself. When paired with an equally top-notch browser, the result is a lightning-fast, high-quality stream with no lag.

This guide contains the three best browsers you can use to watch SonyLIV on different devices.

Can I watch SonyLIV on my laptop?

SonyLIV does not have a laptop app that you can download. However, there are two methods you can use to watch Sony LIV TV shows on your PC.

One way is to use an Android Emulator to use the mobile app. Another effective method we recommend is watching the web version streaming platform on your browser.

How many devices can use SonyLIV?

The number of devices that can use Sony Liv TV depends on the type of subscription. Some support just a single device; some are two, and the list continues.

To know the number of devices, you can use, make sure to read what your subscription package has to offer before committing to it.

What are the best browsers for SonyLIV?

Opera One – Overall best browser for SonyLIV 

Opera One is undoubtedly the best browser to watch SonyLIV on any device. This is thanks to its built-in feature allowing you to access the website anywhere. 

SonyLIV only works in India and on another website in the United States. To access it from other locations, you need to use a VPN, which is one of the built-in features of Opera One.

This built-in VPN is free and helps you access location-restricted contents without being caught. Also, the free version of SonyLIV is filled with ads at regular intervals.

But with the built-in ad blocker on Opera One, you can easily eliminate these ads and enjoy your shows. What’s more, this browser is fast and ensures you experience no lag or delay.

Other features:

  • Highly secure
  • Built-in anti-tracking and anti-phishing feature
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Built-in AI

Opera One

The VPN and the ad-blocker can significantly increase the quality of streaming SoyLIV.
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Chrome – Browser with wide compatibility


Google’s default browser is the biggest fish in the pond industry, and it is not surprising that it features on this list. It is one of the best browsers to watch SonyLIV, thanks to its availability on almost all devices.

Chrome is one of the fastest browsers, boasting incredible page loading and browsing speed. With this, you can be sure that it will give you a lag-free streaming experience.

Also, while it might not have a strong built-in adblocker like Opera One, you can download an extension from its Web Store. This is to ensure that you are not troubled by ads when watching shows with the free version.

Other features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Standard security
  • Fast browsing speed

Get Chrome

Safari – The best browser for SonyLIV on Mac


The default browser for Mac and iOS devices is unsurprisingly ideal for watching SonyLIV on those devices. Safari is an app designed with speed and user security at the top of the priority.

The speed is especially one of its strong points, as it loads pages quickly. Irrespective of the type of shows you are watching, Safari ensures you do not experience lagging, provided your network is strong.

Another impressive feature of this browser is that it can use extensions like most modern browsers. With this, you can extend its features to suit your needs.

Other features:

  • High security
  • Incredible browsing speed
  • Minimalistic design

Get Safari

What do I do if the SonyLIV browser is not working?

1. Update browser 

  1. Launch your browser and click the Opera icon in the top left corner.
    icon browser sonyliv
  2. Select the Updates and Recovery… option.
  3. It will show if you have any updates to install.
    update check

We have used Opera One as an example, but you can surely apply this fix to other browsers with the problem.

2. Clear browser cache

  1. Launch Opera One and click the Settings icon on the sidebar.
    settings browser sonyliv
  2. Select the Clear browsing data option in the Privacy and security section.
    clear browsing
  3. Click the dropdown next to Time range and select All time.
    all time
  4. Now, check the box for Cached images and files.
  5. Finally, click the Clear data button.
    clear button

The browser cache can prevent SonyLIV from working if they get corrupted. Clearing them and restarting your PC should help fix the issue.

The SonyLIV platform, when accessed on a top-notch browser, takes your streaming to another level. With the options provided in this guide, nothing stops you from watching your best TV shows on different devices.

If you need the best browsers to stream Hulu live TV, check our guide for compatible options with great features.

Feel free to let us know if the fixes provided in the guide helped get SonyLIV working on your browser again.

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