6 best standing desk mats for extra comfort [2020 Guide]

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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A standing desk mat, also known as an anti-fatigue mat is the main accessory that anyone should consider for their standing desk. It allows you to stand comfortably much longer than you would be able to on office carpeting or a bare floor. The mat is designed to keep you comfortable and productive while you stand at work. It can also help you feel more relaxed and energized, improving your mood.

Benefits of using a standing mat

  • A standing desk mat will help you with your immediate comfort and your long term health.
  • The mat cushions your feet from the hard floor, and it promotes subtle movements in your legs and feet.
  • The mat can reduce fatigue as the ensuing micro-movements engage muscles that help to pump blood back up to your heart.
  • It improves blood circulation to your legs, and it reduces the pressure on your feet.
  • It helps you feel engaged and vitalized as you stand.
  • The micro movements that you can perform on a standing mat prevent pain. Using your tendons, muscles, and ligaments even a bit will keep them flexible.
  • The mat can also help with your posture.

What to look for in a standing desk mat

  1. Style & design

The growth of the standing desk market has facilitated the introduction of some beautiful standing mats that fit an office décor greatly.

  1. Materials & construction

If you have a mat that is too cushy and thick, you will struggle as you sink into it. The ideal material is one that can make you naturally wobble a bit while you are still feeling protected from the surface of the floor. A typical standing mat designed for the office will be about two feet by three. On the other hand, bigger is better because moving more is the ultimate goal.

  1. Productivity

Productivity is closely related to comfort, and you will find out that it’s much easier to remain focused on your work if you feel comfortable and relaxed. The original intention of a standing mat is to prevent fatigue and to allow you to work longer hours standing. It is also important to be able to change from a position to other and to move a mat around quickly.

  1. Safety

Safety is an essential design factor in a standing mat. Poorly designed mats will curl up at the edges, and they will create a trip hazard. If your floor is smooth or slick, you really have to make sure that your mat has an anti-skid material at its bottom to keep it securely in place. A non-slip top surface is also important because such a surface is almost always textured and this will add an interesting variety to your standing experience.

Top 6 standing desk mats

TerraMat Standing Desk Mat by CubeFit

This anti-fatigue standing desk mat was designed to help you move throughout your workdays. Unlike standard flat kitchen mats that are sometimes being used in the office, this one was specifically designed for standing desks. You should know that there are at least eleven starter positions to keep you active with an unlimited amount of new positions being created each day.

The mat features six different foam topographical features which allow you lots of poses, stretches, and stances.

Flat Anti-Fatigue Area – this gives your feet and legs a cushy break from the hard floor offering you the benefit of a less spinal compression and feet which fatigue more slowly.

Massage Mounds – the mat will give the soles of your feet and arches a great massage, offering you the benefit of Plantar Fasciitis relief and making your feet happy.

Support Track – this offers an alternate position for your feet and the benefit that it will stretch your outer calf and hip flexors.

Power wedge – this will offer an alternate position for your feet and a great calf stretcher; it will provide the benefit of stretching out your calves.

Pressure Peaks – you can take off your shoes and stimulate your feet because you will have the benefit of waking up tired feet and also massaging soles and arches.

Balance Bar – you can prop one foot on the balance bar to alternate your stance, or you can put both feet on to do calf raises or work on your balance; this will give you the benefit of more movement and stronger calves and also a tighter core.

The TerraMat will slide out easily from under your desk, and it’s designed to be used in multiple directions. It will not budge while you are standing on it but it will slide easily when you pull it with your feet from under your desk. The mat makes keeping you healthy a priority.

Topo Mini standing desk mat by Ergodriven

Every standing desk needs a good mat, and the Topo family is the greatest offering you fantastic options of mats with next-gen features. With the help of Top Mini, even in small spaces, you will sit less and instead you will stand comfortably because it inspires active and varied stances.

Its cushioned terrain will drive subconscious movement unlike the distracting balance boards and treadmills.

In case you really need to switch between standing and sitting, you should know that this particular mat is created in such a way to be easily positioned with just one foot. Using the Topo Mini, you will be able to get the actual benefits of standing, and you will experience how it feels to be both productive and energized. Remember that more movement means more health.

Topo Mini is the best choice for you if your workspace is a bit tight and if you are both budget conscious but you still want to experience the 3d terrain.

The mat was created to bring more movement and a natural variety of postures to your workspace. With its help, you will be able to stand healthier in any office and fortunately on any budget as well!

In case you are not satisfied with the mat, it also comes with a 100% money back guarantee (available for purchasing it on its official website).

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat

This mat was specially created for standing desk users. Ergohead mat is an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat that is designed specifically for smaller standing desk users or for the ones who have only a limited space available. This type of mats is 100% high-quality polyurethane foam featuring a durable integral skin that is pebbled for the most comfortable experience. You will be able to enjoy health benefits because the calculated terrain will allow you to move more and this only means a healthier standing position at your standing desk.

The mat also features comfort massage points in the middle for blood circulation and muscle engagement and raised front corners for diagonal split stances and engagement of toes. The hamstring and calf stretch are made easy, using the mat’s both directions.

The standing desk mat supports more than ten different standing positions, and they’ll make you feel productive and energized. The mat easily slides in and out under your desk, and you will be able only to use one foot to position it. The coolest thing is that in case you are not satisfied with the mat it also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

According to users’ experiences, most people who purchased it are very excited about it. It looks like you can do tons of exercises on the bumps and there is also room in the middle. The mat is also perfect for arch lifts, and the little bumps can successfully soothe the feet. You can take off your shoes and stretch out the plantar on all ridges of the mat.

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