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  • In this article, we explore the best online Star Wars games that you can play on any web browser.
  • The below list consists of both official and fan-made Star Wars games that every Star Wars fan will enjoy.
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Star Wars games online Free Play

Star Wars franchise has always taken care of its gamers community with new releases every few years. With the release of new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,  Disney has given the gaming community something to rejoice until the new Star Wars movie hits the shore.

While there are multiple Star Wars games for PC and console platforms, there are quite a few online browser-based Star Wars games that offer you play as the Star War characters without the complexity of purchasing the game copy or installation to play the game.

In this article, we explore the best Star Wars games online that allows you to choose your team, leader, and support, and launch yourself into battle.

This list consists of both official Disney and third-party fan-made Star Wars game.

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Looking for Star Wars games online? Here are the best

Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions

Star Wars games online

Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions is a third-party fan-made Star Wars survival game. Choose your team, leader, and support, and launch yourself into battle.

Choose the survival mode and survive as long as possible against the stormtroopers or complete missions; instead, you progress through the game.

You can collect credits by breaking crates that can be used to defeat enemies or unlock new characters and upgrade their skills. Credits can also be used to obtain powerups to boots your weapon.

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Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

Star Wars games online

If you liked the Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions, you would also love Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops. The game features the popular Star Wars characters like Hera, Ezra, Sabine, Kannan, Zeb, and Chopper.

Start the game by selecting one of the six characters in the game. Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops is a side-scrolling game, and uses the arrow keys to move the character forward/backward and jump.

After the training tutorial, you can select one of the four missions in Forest Planet. Each mission comes with an objective that you need to complete while defeating the stormtroopers on the way.

Similar to Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions, opening the crates offers credits that you can use to defeat Storm Trooper or even unlock new levels.

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Yoda's Jedi Training

Star Wars games online

Yoda’s Jedi Training is another popular third-party fan-made Star Wars online game. In this game, you play as Luke Skywalker as he is trained by Yoda to become a great Jedi Knight.

The game starts off in the swaps as you leap over holes and smash thorny nest with your lightsaber to collect coins and token. The collected items can be used for upgrades in the shop.

The games offer completely random objectives to complete and unlock more elite versions of Luke once you have leveled up. There is two versions of Luke – the default Dagobah Luke and the locked Jedi Knight Luke that unlocks at Level 11.

Yoda’s Jedi Training uses the standard arrow keys to jump and space bar to destroy obstacles.

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X-Wing Fighter

Star Wars games online

If you are into space shooter games, then take to the skies with X-Wing Fighter in your trusty X-win and shoot down the enemy ships and TIE fighters while avoiding the enemy attack.

There are multiple missions to choose from, including Battle on Takodana, Starkiller Base Assault, and Simulation Mode. Starkiller Base Assault’s mission can only be unlocked after completing the first mission.

You can use the mouse to move around the X-wing fighter while it shoots lasers continuously. To do more damage, hold the right-click or the space bar to shoot a laser beam.

Collect coins and power-ups form the enemy ship wreckage to improve and repair your aircraft and take down the dark side with full speed.

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Lego Star Wars: Battle Run

Star Wars games online

Like Lego and Star Wars? Then Lego Star Wars: Battle Run is for you. Play through an epic battle with your trusty gun to control the outcome and make the final choice between light and dark.

Solve puzzles and fight your way to the Christmas tree at the end of the map and collect all the Lego creation pieces. Use codes to unlock new characters and take them on a dangerous journey.

The game offers over 25 Levels with each level consisting of 4 stages. You need to complete the early stages to unlock new levels.

Use WASD to move the character, press space to shoot, and the G button drop explosives. Be careful with the explosives as wrong moves can kill you instead.

⇒Get Lego Star Wars: Battle Run has some of the best Star Wars online games that you can play on your browser online. Some of these games are better looking than most of the Star Wars games on old-gen consoles.

Apart from the five games listed above, StarWarsgameonline features a huge number of other Star Wars games that you can play for free.

Give these games a shot and let us know your favorite Star Wars game in the comments.

FAQ: Learn more about online Star War games

  • What is the best Star Wars game?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best Star Wars games made to date. If it doesn’t work on your PC, check out our detailed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic guide.

  • How many Star Wars games are there?

There are over 140 Star Wars game developed and released over the decades by several studios.

  • Can you make a Star Wars game?

There are numerous excellent fan-made Star Wars games available online that you can play for free. Check out the best game designing software to find the best tools for game development.