What are the best software for learning and doing statistics?

By: Daniel Segun
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Statistics is an important aspect in the business and academic world making data processing an integral aspect. Nowadays, there are many ways to undertake statistical analysis with numerous software which help to organize, analyze, and interpret data.

Moreover, statistical software are able to analyze descriptive statistic; this is the statistics that arranges data from samples and inferential statistics which draws conclusion from data provided. One major advantage of this software is they provide factual data for your project and business.

This article highlights some of the best statistical software you need for your business or project. Windows Report has compiled the list of the best software for learning and for doing statistics.

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Best tools for learning and doing statistics



software for learning and for doing statisticsRanked as the best software for learning statistics, MaxStat is affordable statistical software with many features, which fits your bill. This software enables users to set up statistical analysis with three simple steps. The software is easy to use and is handy for students and business auditors.

In addition, MaxStat enables you to understand the basis of statistics with various tutorials which explains various key statistical functions. You just have to input your data and set necessary requirement, with the software taking care of business. Another key reason to utilize MaxStat is that the result gotten for each analysis is easy to understand and interpret in scientific terms.

Although, in terms of pricing MaxStat ranges from $39 for students to $79 for high end users with other costs arising from extra services.

Download MaxStat



software for learning and for doing statisticsAnother best software for learning and for doing statistics, AcaStat is an effective statistics software which is available on Windows and other OS. One unique feature is you can easily format variables such as values, labels and configure controls.

Meanwhile, AcaStat also enables you to import data from your spreadsheet files with its copy and paste tool. The software analyzes data quickly which enables you can design frequency tables, OLS, and logistic details using AcaStat.

However, AcaStat pricing starts from $10 with the price increasing as users incorporate more features.

Download AcaStat



software for learning and for doing statisticsIf you are in a rush to run statistical analysis, then Statwing is the best tool available for your instant need. This statistical software runs statistical data analysis faster than majority of the statistical software available on the market.

In addition, this software has a simple interface with easy directions which makes generating data easier. Statwing enables users to easily choose outlines for analysis which gives a large degree of confidence to statistical results. Moreover, users also have access to basic charting such as bar charts and histogram which can be exported into your spreadsheets.

However, Statwing offers users free trial albeit limited, and then users are charged based on the features required for their statistical analysis.

Download Statwing



software for learning and for doing statisticsSPSS (developed by IBM) is one of the best software for learning and for doing statistics used by millions worldwide. The analytical software provides users with numerous features and gives accurate analysis of data.

Users can easily analyze data with the simple interface with all tools properly arranged in the Menu. With an intuitive user interface, you can also use cloud features; this enables SPSS to discover new trends for your data.

In addition, IBM SPSS provides numerous statistical analytics such as text and entity analysis automated modeling, and decision management and development. Also, SPSS helps you to manipulate data analysis with its automated modeling and ensures the accurate result is attained within a short period of time.

Moreover, IBM SPSS is quite affordable as they charge $1 for every analysis performed on the software which is fair for the services being rendered.

Download IBM SPSS



software for learning and for doing statisticsMinitab is a popular software for doing statistics used by thousands of companies and institutions around the world. The software has numerous tools and features tailored to meet various statistical patterns and analysis. With Minitab, you can use mathematical methods such as confidence intervals to check for the median or mean of your data.

In addition, Minitab also has a unique model reduction technique which enables the software to find the best regression equation for your sample data. Statistical results gotten from Minitab are accurate and you can import Excel files into your Minitab software.

Furthermore, Minitab has a free trial with the premium version starting out at $29 for six months after which users pay a fixed fee of $49 per year to use the features.

Download MiniTab

In conclusion, each of the software listed above has their strengths and weakness; hence, you can opt for any of them to meet your statistics needs. Have you used any software from our list of best software for learning and for doing statistics? Feel free to share your experience with us by commenting below.


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