Steam Cleaner helps clear temporary data from gaming platforms

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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Steam is one of the popular distribution platforms for digital games along with Origin, uPlay, and Gog. Players can access a large library of games containing a list of game manufacturers and prices using Steam. As it is a huge repository of digital games, Steam has the tendency to leave behind a massive number of junk files.

This happens because installing games on Steam and other gaming platforms also brings with it redistributable packages as a system requirement. After the installation is complete, these temporary files are no longer of any use. However, some gaming platforms retain the files for quite a while. Depending on the games you have downloaded and installed, these unnecessary files can consume hundreds of megabytes of storage space. For gamers lucky to have terabytes of free storage, this by no means poses a problem. But for those who use a solid state drive, freeing up space is necessary.

With Steam Cleaner, gamers can now delete huge volumes of unwanted files left behind by gaming platforms. The tool requires no installation or configuration after the download process. Simply click the download file and Steam Cleaner runs. The software will automatically scan all the installed games on your platform and display on its dashboard all the unnecessary files. The list contains the program path, file name, and the total program size. Click the trash icon to initiate the cleanup process in just a few seconds.

Steam Cleaner not only removes unnecessary files from your gaming device but also deletes the junk from your hard drive. It also lets users set the program path if platform detection fails. There’s also an option to store the files in another location, though users might ignore this feature. The tool is available to download from GitHub. Before downloading the tool, make sure your computer has Microsoft .Net Framework 4 installed to run Steam Cleaner properly.

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