How to search for users on Steam in just a couple of steps

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  • You can search for users on Steam using multiple ways. You can also add them as friends using the methods in this article.
  • The easiest way to find a user on Steam is to check out the Community tab and search for them there.
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  • For any errors that you might be having on Steam, we've got you covered with our dedicated  Steam Errors section.
how to search for users on steam
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Steam, the popular PC gaming platform, allows you to search for users and add them to your friends list a few different ways. Finding a particular user on Steam or simply adding a friend can sometimes be tricky.

Follow our guide to check out the different ways of searching for users on the Windows 10 Steam client.

How do you search for users on Steam?

1. Using the Steam Community tab

  1. Open Steam and head over to the Community tab on the top side of your Steam clientfind users on steam community
  2. Once you click on the tab, you can type in the Find People field to find a user by their name or profile link
  3. Steam will then display a list of users with that name
  4. To add the user as a Friend, simply click on the Add as Friend button

search for friends on steam

2. Use your Steam Friends tab

  1. On the Steam client, head over to your Steam username on the top-left side, then select Friends
  2. On the Friends tab, you can search through your friends on Steamsteam search for friends
  3. If you head over to Add a Friend, you can then search for a user on Steam and add them as a friendhow to add a friend on steam
  4. Additionally, you can also invite your friend on Steam from here’

Getting an error when trying to add a friend on Steam? Here’s how to fix it.

3. Search for users you recently played with

  1. Head over to your Steam username op the top-left side of the client, then select Friends
  2. Next up, click on the Recently Played With tabsearch search recently played with users
  3. Here you can search and check the users that you’ve played with on Steam
  4. You can also add them as friends by clicking on the Add as Friend button

Steam offers various methods of searching for users on Steam and adding them to your friends list. It is fairly easy to find a friend to play with on Steam or search for a certain player if you know their username.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to check them out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Steam comes with a built-in chatting tool. However, if you can’t use it, check out this troubleshooting guide.

  • You cannot find other users’ emails on Steam. If you know your friend’s email, however, you can add them on Steam by using their email address.

  • To send a friends request on Steam, head over to the Community tab, search for a user then next a user’s name, click on the Add as Friend button to add them.

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