Sticky Notes update for Windows 10 disappoints users

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Microsoft just issued a new update for its Sticky Notes app for Windows 10. The update, however, is available to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring only, and it brought a couple of improvements and bug fixes. It also updates the Sticky Notes version to

According to Donovan Lange, the Engineering Manager for Sticky Notes, the updated version of Sticky Notes introduced a smaller minimum window size, so if you don’t have much text in your notes, you can resize it to take less space on your display. Additionally, the update also brings better boot performance, and some other bug fixes.

Although this update is for now only available to Insiders on the Fast Ring running the Redstone 2 build 14905, it probably won’t be released to regular users as a part of the next major update for Windows 10. Microsoft is probably just testing the update in Windows 10 Preview, until it pushes it to regular users, So, expect this update for Sticky Notes to land on every Windows 10 computer in the near future.

Users are not satisfied with the revamped version of Sticky Notes in Windows 10. A lot of people reported various issues with the app, and Sticky Notes’ rating in the Windows Store is pretty low. That should be an alert for Microsoft to release more updates like this one, and try to improve the app as much as possible.

What’s your experience with the new Sticky Notes app in Windows 10? What are the issues that still need to be resolved by Microsoft? Tell us in the comments.


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I received the update and I am not on any list to trial software updates, so I just said yes to an update and now Sticky notes does not work. How do I go back to the previous version?

The new Sticky Note is crap. If anyone knows how to reset it back to good ol’ Window 7 sticky notes (with or without backing up my notes, I don’t really care anyway) please reply.

– crappy notes
– can’t even minimize it less than 4 inches (I’m serious)
– super laggy when I try to type or delete
– can’t even undo or redo, like, SERIOUSLY! (last time I pressed some random buttons and it worked though, but I don’t remember what it was, but that button did highlights the web links)
– can’t click on web links
– the color is making my eyes bleed
– when I type it randomly scrolls my text location all the way to the bottom (minor problem though)
– some ASCII texts are hidden, but when I copy paste them somewhere else it’s the full one I pasted there
– not even damn sticky

Sticky Notes? More like Bitchy Notes.

The new version of Stick Notes does not allow you to cut and paste from Word Pad or Word and keep the same font and size of the original text which is very annoying. Also, if you use short keys to resize the text as soon as you type something new it revert the entire note to the default font size. Any ideas how to roll back the version?

Right clicking on sticky notes now allows just three options: “sticky notes”, “unpin from taskbar” and “close window”. An option to open a new note is no longer present.

sticky notes are unusable now. I always used sticky notes because they where very fast and simple, in my opinion they lose his original utility

The new sticky notes are unusably slow. The upgrade killed one of my two notes, losing vital irreplaceable information. I am white hot livid with Microsoft over this. It is this kind of balls-up that makes one look around for other OSs. There may not be one that I want to jump too at the moment, but I will remember this for a long time … especially as upgrades cannot be postponed indefinitely … in spite of it being MY laptop. Arrogant bloody Microsoft. FUME FUME FUME

I came here searching the issue.This new sticky note is too slow,i mean this note can not even cope with slow keypresses even!
I need my previous sticky notes back :/