Story Remix is now available to all Windows 10 users

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Microsoft Photos app changed its name a few time recently, but that didn’t surprise anyone anymore. The new app was pushed out to Insiders in August bearing the name Microsoft Photos. However the company said that was not the final name and it was only gathering feedback.

Story Remix reaches the general public

The update is now being pushed out to regular users aka Non-Insiders. The app is not called Photos anymore, it comes by the name of Story Remix. This might be a surprising change, but who knows what Microsoft is thinking. It may be just a mistake even though we doubt it and we believe that it’s something intentional done by the company.

What regular users who get the app will see is the following situation: “Photos is now Story Remix”. Here are some things that you’ll be able to do:

  • Tell stories – you can transform photos into videos.
  • Remix a video – you will be able to personalize it in the new editor.

Make your photos pop with Story Remix

…or Microsoft Photos, or whatever you may call it. What’s really important is that Microsoft has already confirmed that 3D objects will be in the latest version of Story Remix and this is really great news. No more dull slideshows of vacation pics! One of the best features that this app will include is adding 3D objects to an existing image or video.

The app allows users to stitch together photos into stories with inking, music, transitions, and also make-believe 3D objects to liven them up. Story Remix might even do this for you automatically. Custom music that is supplied by Microsoft’s Groove Music service will sync to the transitions and users will get to have control over filters, transitions and much more.



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