5+ best subtitle editing software for Windows 10/11

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  • Adding captions to your movies using subtitle software will improve your experience.
  • Use a subtitle program from our awesome list below to convert any video format with ease.
  • Rest assured that our top picks from Adobe and Wondershare, and not only, will allow you to customize the size and color of your text.
  • By using them, you may even create subtitles in a blink of an eye. Ready to give them a try?
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When you’re editing your videos, you may also consider adding some subtitles to them either. The subtitles will make your videos more personalized or simply better at conveying their meaning.

The market is filled with subtitle tools that are great for helping you add subtitles to your videos and also for editing them afterwards.

You will also be able to translate your favorite movies with the help of these programs.

We gathered five of the best subtitle editing software that will be able to help you add and edit subtitles to your favorite videos. Check them out and decide.

What are the best subtitle editing software for Windows 10?

Adobe Premiere Pro

Our top recommendation for adding and editing subtitles in a video is Adobe Premiere Pro. Getting on the first spot in this list is a no surprise for us, it being on the best video editing software overall.

Premiere Pro comes with a vast toolset for editing captions and text along with a couple of export and import features.

The import feature allows you to view a caption and edit fonts, colors, backgrounds in real-time. The supported subtitle formats being .scc, .mcc, .srt, .xml and .stl which are the most widely used.

With the caption tool, you can edit, create and export files into any format Foreign language lines are also easy to implement due to the non-linear video editing format it has.

Premiere Pro also gives you the freedom to create subtitle files from scratch, all you need being the text and practice of syncing the sound with captions.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Create awesome subtitles and captions in any shape or form to suit your needs with Adobe Premiere Pro

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WonderShare Uniconverter

Use WonderShare Uniconverter to edit your videos just the way you like. Make changes to your video entirely with the software’s easy and interactive interface.

In addition, you can also edit and add any subtitles to your videos with ease. The program works perfectly with most video formats, and it allows you to downsize and resample them.

Some of WonderShare Uniconverter’s key features include:

  • Being able to convert more than 1000 video and audio formats
  • Insane conversion speed, up to 30x faster
  • Being able to convert multiple media files at the same time from different devices
  • It allows you to extract and insert subtitles
  • It allows you to compress and burn your videos into DVDs
WonderShare Uniconverter

WonderShare Uniconverter

Wondershare Uniconverter allows you to edit, create, and export subtitles for your awesome videos with ease.

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Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is another great easy subtitles synchronizer for Windows 10. It allows you to easily adjust the start line of any subtitle if it’s not synced with the movie.

Take a look at the best features that come together with this software for editing subtitles:

  • You will be able to create/adjust/sync and translate subtitle lines
  • The program comes with a cool audio visualizer control that is able to display waveform and spectrograms
  • You will be able to visually sync and adjust a subtitle and its start/end position along with speed
  • The software provides auto-translation via Google translate
  • Subtitle Edit 3.5.4 can merge and split subtitles
  • It also comes with a wizard that fixes errors
  • You will be able to also enjoy spell checking via Open Office dictionaries

These are just a few of the robust set of features that are included in this software.

Get Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is a free software for creating, editing, and also converting text-based subtitle files. The program is ideal for beginners.

This program is considered to be one of the best free subtitle editing tools out there that come with an extremely easy to use interface.

Take a look at the best features that are included in the program:

  • It supports converting between creating, opening, editing and saving more than 60 subtitle formats via the Subtitle API library
  • You can also save subtitles in a custom user-defined file format.
  • The program’s interface is user-friendly, customizable and multi-language
  • You will get a massive set of tools that you can customize and all kinds of functions for automatic timing and manipulation of texts
  • Some of the best tools include automatic durations, spell checking, smart line adjusting, FPS conversion, search and replace and more
  • The software comes with a customizable system for manually or automatically detecting, marking and also fixing all kinds of subtitle errors
  • This program supports style tags and color tags in the subtitle text

Subtitle Workshop comes with an integrated video player that provides customizable subtitles preview and a full-screen mode.

The software also includes detailed information about the subtitle files including custom data based on user-defined rules.

You can download Subtitle Workshop or visit its website to find out more about this great software that’s also compatible with Windows systems.

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Jubler Subtitle Editor

The Jubler Subtitle Editor is a handy tool that is able to edit text-based subtitles into videos with an interactive and colorful interface.

It can be used as a tool to convert, correct, transform or refine existing subtitles. You can also use the software as an authoring program for new subtitles.

Take a look at the most impressive features of Jubler Subtitle Editor:

  • It supports some of the most popular subtitle formats
  • You will also get to preview in real-time or in design time the subtitles
  • The program comes with a spell checker, and it also includes a translation mode
  • Jubler Subtitle Editor comes with various editing styles for your subtitles

The minimum requirements to use the software is the latest version of JRE, MPlayer to view the subtitles, and ASpell to spell-check the subtitles.

The software is written in Java 5.0, and this means that it’s multiplatform. You can check out more of its features, and you can also download Jubler Subtitle Editor from its official website.

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POP Subtitle Editor

POP Subtitle Editor is a really easy to use program that allows you to write and add your very own subtitles to any video file.

You can write your texts while previewing the movie and all you have to do after that is to select both start and end times by using the same function key.

Check out more impressive features that are packed into this software for editing subtitles:

  • You can customize the font, size, color and also position of your subtitles.
  • You will be able to generate AVI, MPEG or WMV files with just a single click
  • Adding subtitles to your videos will turn out to be the most straightforward task even for beginners with this editor
  • You can easily change and edit the font properties

It’s important to note that with this software, subtitles will be always justified to the left margin.

This will be more obvious with longer subtitles that will take up at least a line or two. You will be able to center the whole block of text if that what you want.

You can download the POP Subtitle Editor 1.0 from the official website and start adding and writing subtitles on your videos.

Get Pop Subtitle Editor

Aura Video Editor

Aura Video Editor is a full-featured and effortless to use video editor that comes with a built-in subtitle editor for managing your subtitles.

Take a look at the most impressive features of this tool below:

  • This is a professional video editing software that allows you to create your very own videos
  • You will be able to make a professional looking video with all kinds of effects and transitions
  • It includes a built-in subtitle editor.
  • You can apply various video effects, and you will be able to create
  • The program supports adding all the popular video formats, images and soundtracks as well
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface that will allow you to edit videos with a unique video editing timeline and a story box panel as well.
  • All you have to do is just drag and drop the video files onto the graphical timeline and start editing

The software is really efficient to edit videos, trim audio and video, and also add watermarks and subtitles as well.

You will be able to preview all your edits in real-time without having to render your entire project first. This is one of the best video editing software out there with an abundance of helpful features regarding subtitles.

You can check out the complete detailed list of its functionalities, and you can download Aura Video Editor from the official website.

Get Aura Video Editor

Here is the point where our roundup of five best subtitle editing programs comes to an end. We recommend that you analyze all these tool’s features to decide which software is the best for you.

All five of these programs are compatible with systems running Windows 10. Check them all out and pick your favorite. If you have any other suggestions or questions, drop them in the comments section below.

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