Sudoku Touch for Windows 10: one of the most Zen-like game we’ve seen

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We’ve talked about quite a few puzzle games in the past, and this is mostly due to the fact that they are a favorite for many Windows 8, Windows 10 users. From word puzzle game like Word Twist, or Adlib to number games like SudokuFree of Picture Logic, all of them are favorites for users who like puzzle games.

Luckily for puzzle lovers, Windows 8, Windows 10 has a lot of such games for them , and today we’ll be adding yet another one to the list. The classic game of Sudoku has inspired many developers to create apps that allow players to test their skills, and this app is no exception to that rule. Sudoku Touch is a Windows 8, Windows 10 Sudoku game that deserve your attention if you are interested in such games.

Sudoku Touch for Windows 10, Windows 8: The most Zen-like game we’ve seensudoku-touch-for-windows-8-game-review (5)

Although the app itself is not free, users can download the demo version to get familiar with it before they buy the full version (which is pretty cheap also). The demo version of Sudoku Touch is limited to only one difficulty, which I can safely say it’s much better than giving more content and then ruining the app with lots of ads (yes, there are no ads in this game).

Nevertheless, the app itself is simply brilliant, and when I say “simply“, I mean that literally. Apart from the simple menu that welcomes the player into the game, there is not much else apart from the game itself. The menu is very simple, having only each difficulty at the left of the screen and the daily challenge. This makes it look very clean and it is a pleasure to look at.

sudoku-touch-for-windows-8-game-review (4)

Unlike other games, with complex graphics and a boatload of features, Sudoku Touch implements a more Zen-like approach, where it creates a relaxing atmosphere in which the player can relax and enjoy his game. The backgrounds also help achieve this effect, showing that the developers have chosen them wisely.

Also, the player can change the background from the Settings Charm, but unfortunately, there are only a few and they are all variations of the first one, having only one color – blue. Although I’m not complaining, it would have been nice to add a few more choices when it comes to backgrounds.

sudoku-touch-for-windows-8-game-review (1)

The gameplay is very straight forward, being a classic Sudoku game, it doesn’t have anything else apart from the board and the right panel that shows you what numbers you have used up. Also, for those new to the game, in the Settings charm, they can select the option to highlight wrong numbers when they add them to the table. From here, users can also select the font for the right panel (there is the default font and a handwriting font for users to choose).

sudoku-touch-for-windows-8-game-review (3)

The online part of the game consists of daily challenges and users can connect to it with their Microsoft accounts very easy. The difficulties in the full game vary from Easy and all the way up to Extreme, for those who have sufficient experience with Sudoku Games. One other thing I loved about the app are the notifications, which are animated and look almost 3D. A very nice touch, with a subtle effect that really adds to the app‘s overall look.

After playing a few games of Sudoku Touch for Windows 10, Windows 8, I felt that the game is one of the best ones I’ve tested so far. Its user interface is very well designed (I bow my hat to the graphics designers) and the overall quality of the game is top notch. If i were to recommend a Sudoku game for Windows 10, Windows 8 users, then surely this one would be it.

Download Sudoku Touch for Windows 10, Windows 8


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