Play Sudoku for Free in Windows 10, Windows 8 With SudokuFree App

By: John Nedelcu
3 minute read

Windows 8, Windows 10 suddenly becomes awesome when you play Sudoku games and apps on it; that is, of course, if you’re a true afficionado
windows 8 sudoku
Back in the day, when I had a Nokia “dumb” phone, there was one game that I loved more than any: Sudoku. Since then, I’ve tried many Sudoku games, but I couldn’t find the “right one”. Well, now, my search is over. I found the game I was looking for in the Windows 8, Windows 10 apps store.

The app is called Sudoku Free and apart from being a simple Sudoku game, it does not have many features, but it has that something that makes it very entertaining, but at the same time, very challenging. Apart from chess, I believe Sudoku is the best brain game of all.


Impressions of the game

When first starting the game, you have the option to choose one of the three difficulties of the game: easy, normal or hard. When you enter the game, you find the Sudoku board waiting for you. It has a calming design and color scheme, perfect for helping you concentrate. Also, on the side of the board, you can find the 1-9 numbers, which will eventually let you know when you have finished with each of them by turning darker.

Also, you have the ability to take notes in each box. You can write what numbers you think are there, and play out the rest of the game. If one of the numbers in your notes is used on the line or in the square, it will automatically disappear from your notes. You can even use hints if you find yourself in a predicament, but don’t think that you will fool anyone if you use too many because they have a little marker.


Apart from this, the game is pretty straightforward: a regular Sudoku game for Windows 10. Although, for beginners, it’s better to get accustomed to the computer version before moving to pen and paper, because here, when you make an error, the computer will highlight it. But these being said, I’ll make a last recap of the game’s highlights and I’ll let you enjoy a calming (I hope) game of Sudoku.


A quick recap

  • 9×9 Sudoku grid
  • 3 difficulty settings
  • random puzzle generator
  • clean and responsive UI
  • fast metro-style interface
  • ability to take notes

Update – SudokuFree latest improvements

SudokuFree app continue to receive support from its developers team. Recently, some improvements and features have been added :

  • 4-th difficulty setting added
  • Timer and statistics
  • Live tiles showing percentage complete and your level

In case you want to compare it with other Sudoku apps/games, we suggest you to check our list of Sudoku apps.

Bottom line for this game: it’s a perfect addition to your app collection, for those who want some brain stimulation, or for those who want to learn the Sudoku game. A perfect app for both beginners and veterans of the game.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December, 2012 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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