How to fix Surface Pro 4 Black Screen of Death errors

by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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  • The Surface Pro 4 Black Screen of Death occurs when you put the device in the Sleep or Hibernation mode.
  • There isn't a definitive fix for the Surface Pro 4 Black Screen of Death but we have two very good workarounds.
  • A good solution is to do a reset procedure with the AC adapter disconnected.
  • You can also use a third-party solution to fix this error software-wise.
How to fix Surface Pro 4 Black Screen of Death errors

In recent years, Microsoft had a lot of issues with its hardware. The Surface Pro series was advertised as the main competitor to MacBooks and Chromebooks, but, in the hardware department at least, they fell short.

One of the most common debilitating errors on Surface Pro 4 is the Black Screen of Death after users put the device in the Sleep or Hibernation mode.

Even though lots of tech-savvy users pointed out a software problem, we never found a software-related resolution for this unwelcome occurrence.

At least if you want to keep the Sleep mode as an option. You can always navigate to Power Options and, under the Advanced menu, enable Hibernation and stick with it instead.

Two solutions (which work for the majority of users) concern hardware workarounds.

The bad thing about this is — besides the obvious extra effort a user of a premium device needs to put into resolving this — it won’t solve it for good. It might not solve it at all, and the warranty service will be necessary.

How can I fix the Surface Pro 4 Black Screen of Death errors?

1. Reset the device

  1. Removing the AC adapter and deplete the battery completely.
  2. Then hold the Power button for a minute or so.
  3. After that, plug in the adapter and try putting your Surface Pro 4 in Sleep mode.

After that, your device should spring back into action. Even though it’s an unusual solution, it worked for a lot of users so make sure you try it out.

2. Use dedicated software

This Black Screen of Death error is not so common, and these types of errors are not so alarming as the infamous Blue Screen of Death error.

However, they are, nevertheless disturbing as you can’t use your device properly. Another solution besides tweaking your hardware is to use a dedicated solution specialized in fixing all sorts of Windows errors.

The recommended tool below will most likely get rid of this problem and even though it relates to BSoD errors, it also works for Black Screen Errors with the same efficiency.

With its rich database where it stores official files, you can repair corrupted files and replace them with functional ones to access your device services.

It can therefore provide helpful support for Windows errors, BSoD issues, or other virus damages that can harm your PC.

Get Restoro

There is another solution found online that involves heating the Surface Pro 4, but we don’t recommend such a procedure as it can lead to even serious issues and your warranty might be affected.

With exception of those two, we couldn’t find a solution or even a workaround which can address the issue definitively.

In case you’re aware of an alternative solution applicable in this scenario, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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