Best tools to repair corrupted files on Windows 10 [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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best file repair software

corruCorrupted files can be a big problem, especially if one of those files is your work or school project. There are many different tools that can help you in these types of situations, and today we’re going to show you some of the best tools to repair files on Windows 10.

Best file repair software for Windows 10

Recuva Piriform (recommended)

A famous application for file recovery is Recuva. This tool will scan your PC for deleted files and allow you to recover them. In addition to deleted files, this tool can be used to repair damaged files as well.

When you start the application you’ll be greeted by Recuva Wizard asking you to choose which type of file you want to recover. You can choose between all files, pictures, music, documents, video, compressed files and emails. By choosing a specific file type you’ll narrow your search and speed up the scanning process. After selecting the file type you need to choose the location that you want to scan. Recuva can scan the entire PC, your media card, Recycle Bin or a specific location on your PC.

After the application finishes the scan, you can select the files that you want to recover from the list of results. You can also use the search bar on the top to quickly find files that you want to repair. This tool also supports Deep Scan feature that will perform a detailed scan of your hard drive. Recuva also works with damaged disks, so you can recover files from damaged flash drives. In addition to recovery, the tool also allows you to securely delete files thus preventing any chance for recovery.

Recuva is a great tool for file recovery, and it’s available for free. In fact, there’s a portable version available so you can use this tool on any PC without installation. Professional version is also available and it gives you access to advanced file recovery, but you have to pay for it. Additional features include virtual hard drive support, automatic updates and premium support. Even though professional version comes with a license fee, the free version will be enough for most users.

Stellar Toolkit for File Repair

This is another tool for file repair, and using this tool you can repair Word, Excel, PowerPoint and ZIP files. The tool will allow you to preview your files before you restore them which is always a useful option to have. We have to mention that this tool supports three different repair levels and it should restore your files without any modifications. This file repair tool can also bypass password-protected ZIP files, so you’ll be able to repair them even if they are protected.

When you start Stellar Toolkit for File Repair for the first time you’ll be asked to choose what type of file you wish to repair. We have to mention that in order to repair Office files you have to have the appropriate Office tool installed. As for ZIP files, you can repair them without any special applications installed. After selecting the type of file you want to repair, simply locate it on your hard drive and start the repair process. We have to mention that the application comes with slightly outdated user interface that can turn away some users.

Stellar Toolkit for File Repair is a decent tool that can repair both Office and ZIP files, but unfortunately, the full-featured version of this tool isn’t available for free. If you want to continue using the tool, you’ll have to purchase a license.

File Repair

File Repair is a simple and freeware tool that can repair your corrupted files. The application will scan the corrupted file and try to extract data from it to a new file. According to the developer, this application can help you fix the number of problems with corrupted files, such as inability to read or access the file. In addition, File Repair can also help if the file is not in recognizable format or if the application can’t open that type of file. Lastly, the application can help if you have problem with low system resources and memory errors.

Developer claims that File Repair can help repair problems caused by unexpected power failure, network interruption or virus infection. In addition, this application can fix problems caused by network sharing or application errors.

Regarding the supported file formats, this application works with wide range of formats. File Repair can repair corrupted Word, Excel, Zip or RAR files. The application also supports image files such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG and RAW, PDF files, corrupted Access database files and PowerPoint files. Lastly, you can use this tool to fix corrupted .mp3 and .wav files as well.

File Repair offers a wide array of features and a large number of supported file formats. The application has a simple user interface so it will be perfect for basic users. As we already mentioned, this is a freeware application, so you can download it and use it without any limitations completely free.

PowerPoint Repair Toolbox

Unlike previous entry on our list, PowerPoint Repair Toolbox will repair only damaged PowerPoint files. According to the developers, this tool can fix problems with data corruption on Windows 7 and newer operating systems. In addition, the tool offers simple user interface so you’ll be able to repair your files quickly and with ease. The tool can recover text, objects and other items stored in any PowerPoint file while keeping the structure of the input file unchanged.

In order for this tool to work, you need to have PowerPoint installed on your PC. We have to mention that media files and images from .ppt files will be saved separately on your hard drive, therefore you’ll need to add them to the presentation again. The tool has some limitations, and it can’t repair password protected files, so keep that in mind.

PowerPoint Repair Toolbox is available as a free demo, but if you want to continue using it, you’ll need to get a license. We also have to mention that developer has many other different tools for file repair on the website, so if you have problems with any other file type, you might want to consider one of those tools.

Cimeware OfficeFix

This is another tool for file repair designed to fix problems with Office files. According to the developer, this tool can repair Access, Excel, Word and Outlook files. The tool comes with a simple user interface, and as soon as you start the tool you need to choose what type of file you wish to recover.

Regarding the file recovery, you can repair one or multiple files. We have to mention that this tool comes with slightly outdated interface which can be a flaw for some users. This is a decent tool if you wish to recover your Office files, but the application seems a bit outdated, and if that’s a problem for you, you might want to consider a different tool. This isn’t a free application, but you can download and try the free demo without any restrictions.

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