The new Teams Walkie Talkie feature is now generally available

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  • Remember when we told you that Microsoft is adding a Walkie Talkie feature to Teams?
  • Well, it's finally happening and you can now add this function to your own application.
  • Yes, you've heard correctly, the feature has been made generally available by Microsoft.
  • With this initiative, the tech giant mostly seeks to come to the aid of frontline workers. 
teams walkie talkie

We know you’ve been probably waiting for this, but Microsoft is now finally making its Teams Walkie Talkie feature generally available to all users of its communications app.

To be more precise, Walkie Talkie allows Teams users to turn their smartphones or tablets into a walkie-talkie that works over cellular data or Wi-FI.

Even though this exciting new functionality was originally announced two years ago, it became widely available on Android devices in late 2020.

Get ready to use the new Walkie Talkie function

It’s important to know that the feature actually launched widely on Android in September of 2020, but now Microsoft states that it’s available for Zebra mobile devices as well as iPhones and iPads.

At first, the Redmond-based tech company pitched this idea at frontline workers, employees who are customer-facing and run day-to-day operations inside companies.

The collaboration with Zebra Technologies makes it work with a dedicated push-to-talk button for quick and secure communications.

As you surely know, these types of devices are used widely by frontline workers, undoubtedly the employees that have helped steer the world through the ongoing pandemic.

We’re sure that Teams users are overjoyed to have this neet new functionally, as we have to admit that walkie-talkie features are still rare in communications apps.

The main competitor, Apple, also launched its own walkie-talkie feature on the Apple Watch in 2018, using push-to-talk over a FaceTime Audio call.

Of course, this new Walkie Talkie app is a push-to-talk (PTT) communication feature that allows users to connect with their team through a respective channel.

Outside parties cannot interact with the people inside the channel unless dragged in or given permission.

Microsoft claims that the app replaces the need for carrying bulky radios and offers a secure line of communication through Wi-Fi or cellular internet connectivity.

With this partnership, we’re excited to be able to provide frontline workers with the ability to use these devices to seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and stay productive in any conditions.

You might also like to know that, currently, the feature is not pre-installed, and, to enable WalkieTalkie for use in Teams, organizations will have to add it to the App Setup Policy through the admin center.

However, once it is turned on, the feature becomes available on the app within the next 48 hours. Have you already tried the new Teams communication experience?

Tell us how that went in the comments section below.

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