5 Best Terraria Seed Map Viewers to Find Hidden Secrets

Explore some of the best Terraria map viewers to find treasures

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  • Terraria is a 2D sandbox game where players explore a vast world searching for materials to create and fight monsters.
  • Because the world is immense, finding all the resources you'll need can be challenging. This is where Terraria world viewers come in.
  • Seeing the entire Terraria map can provide you with huge benefits, including treasure chests.
terraria map editor

Terraria proves that 2D games thrive despite today’s ultra-realistic game design philosophy, which most developers have embraced. Terraria’s worlds can be vast, and to unlock their secrets, you will need the help of Terraria map viewers.

With the aid of these third-party programs, you can see the entire randomly generated Terraria map and dissect its secrets, not being able to be stopped even by the Terraria seed viewer console, so make sure to check the information out.

Of course, purists will say that the unknown makes them fun, but with some Terraria map viewers, you can also edit your map to stop corruption from destroying your work of art.

How do I view the whole map in Terraria?

To view the entire map in Terraria, you will need to use the Full-Screen Mode for the map, making a great Terraria world viewer a must!

This will allow the player to move the map without moving their character and also allow you to observe the entire map.

To activate this option, you must use the Toggle Map Style button and switch between portrait, overlay, hidden, and full screen.

To close the full-screen map, simply press the M or inventory keys.

Is there a Terraria map editor?

TEdit is one of the best map editors found on the market, so it has occupied the 1st position in our list.

There is another way to edit your Terraria maps, and that is by using the Terraria map viewer online.

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What are the best Terraria map viewers?


terraria map viewer TEdit
  1. Download TEdit and unzip.
  2. Launch TEditXna.exe.
  3. Go to File > Open.
  4. Browse for your Terraria world.

TEedit is an extensive Terraria map viewer which allows you to view the entire world by removing the fog-of-war and seeing all the blocks and biomes at once. In addition, you can zoom in to specific areas and see traps, resources, chests, cloud islands, and Crimson / Corruption distribution.

Additionally, as the name implies, you can edit your world with TEdit and change specific properties, like which bosses you’ve defeated, the number of clouds, or the world type.

While TEdit is not known to cause issues, we still recommend you back-up your world before you make any modifications.

You can view all the TEdit releases and download the latest version from here.


terraria world viewer
  1. Download MoreTerra and unzip.
  2. Launch MoreTerra.exe.
  3. Browse for your world file.
  4. Select the output folder.
  5. Click on Draw World.

MoreTerra is a simple Terraria map viewer which will load the world file and output a picture with the fog-of-war removed and all points of interest marked on the map.

While the output picture is detailed, you cannot zoom in to see all the details from each biome. This tool is designed to give you an overview of the map and analyze the contents.

You can filter chests from the World Information tab and see their location and contents. Additionally, you can set custom markers for people, containers, or specific minerals. This will allow you to hunt down elusive materials needed for crafting.



terraria viewer terrafirma
  1. Download Terrafirma and unzip.
  2. Launch terrafirma.exe.
  3. Go to File > Open World.

One of the simplest yet most effective Terraria map viewers using seed is Terrafirma. This tool allows you to load a specific world with only a few clicks and view it in its entirety. In addition, you can zoom in to see all the details of the world, including objects, traps, and resources.

Furthermore, you can filter items and highlight them on the map by pressing the shortcut key F2. From here, you can check chests, NPCs, or specific blocks.

Get Terrafirma


terramap for windows terraria world viewer
  1. Download TerraMap and unzip.
  2. Launch TerraMap.exe.
  3. Go to File > Open World.
  4. Go to File > Open Player.
  5. Select either your player or All Spoilers.

TerraMap allows you to open your Terraria world in two modes: either with the fog-of-war and only seeing the progress you’ve made so far or by selecting All Spoilers, where you can see the entire world.

This Terraria map viewer allows you to browse the world parameters to see which bosses you’ve defeated and all other settings. You can select different entities to show on the map from the Highlight option, including chests, NPCs, minerals, and others.

Remember that selecting multiple items on a large map is computationally intensive, and your CPU must work hard to complete this task. An alternative would be to use the Terraria map viewer tmodloader.

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TerraMap Online

terraria online world viewer
  1. Go to TerraMap Online.
  2. Select Choose File on the top of the screen.
  3. Use the filters to highlight different items.

TerraMap online is a version of the Terraria world map viewer for PC. The advantage is that this is a cross-platform Terraia world viewer that retains its PC counterpart’ features.

You will need to navigate to the world file, which is located in C: > Users > [Your Username] > Documents > My Games > Terraria > Worlds.

Terraria is a game chunk-full of surprises, which allows players to explore vast worlds in search of hidden treasures. But even more than that, it is a means for players to express their creativity and, like Minecraft, create works of art with simple blocks.

Get TerraMap Online

Is there an item in Terraria that reveals the whole map?

Yes! If you get the Ancient Master’s Map of the Lost King’s Great Ancestors, it will reveal the entire map, consisting of a 150 radius around the player in Multiplayer mode.

This Terraria seed viewer allows your gameplay to expand considerably.

This will allow you to quickly choose any other location on the map and even for finding treasures. You can learn more about how this item works and how you can get it.

If you know of other Terraria world map viewers, let us know in the comments section below.

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