5 Best Thermal Printers for Printing Shipping Labels

by Alin Lazar
Alin Lazar
Alin Lazar
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  • If you own a business that does E-commerce, you will end up delivering lots of packages.
  • A thermal printer will produce shipping labels that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.
  • These devices are compact, cost-effective, easy to set up, and don't require any ink, cartridges, or toner to work.
best thermal printer for shipping labels

The E-commerce industry increased in popularity in recent years, along with the modernization of the world. Nowadays, almost every company or shop has an online version that sells to many parts of the state or even around the world.

To ship your items, you need to use special labels. No matter how big or small your store is, if you get those labels wrong, you’re going to have a bad time.

You might not even be able to successfully deliver the package, since they display all the crucial information the courier needs to take the package to the designated location.

This includes the country, postal code, address, ship street, city and state, tracking number, date, package quantity, and weight.

Shipping labels can be purchased from a postal office, but that’s the most expensive way to get one. Every new delivery requires a new label, so it is easier to print them yourself, especially if you’re part of a business.

Inkjet printers vs thermal printers

Now that we established printing labels is more cost-effective than buying them from the postal office, you need to figure out what kind of printer is the best for the job.

Inkjet printers

Take up lots of space and are normally used to print out office documents, photographs, short-term notices, and other temporary signage.

In terms of durability, they don’t last that long. Inkjet printers have many moving parts that can break. And the quality of the images is not that great either.

They may smudge or stain when exposed to moisture, humidity, sunlight, and physical use. This makes stickers, signs, and other ink-based products unreliable for long-term use.

Thermal printers

This type of printer is more compact than an Inkjet one and has fewer moving parts, so the chances of something breaking are lower.

The main use for these devices is printing receipts and shipping labels, which are usually small. As a result, thermal printers are compact, and given the fact that they have fewer moving parts, they are more durable and last longer.

Additionally, labels and signs created by thermal printers are more durable than those created by Inkjet. They also stand up to moisture and other harsher weather conditions.

The thermal printer is clearly the winner here. It brings durability, versatility, and it is overall more cost-effective, even if the materials used to print are a bit more expensive than the ones used in the normal Inkjet printer.

What are the best thermal printers for shipping labels?

JADENS Thermal Printer

  • Doesn’t require a toner or ink
  • Works well with all major shipping and sales platforms
  • Automatically identify and detect the size and characteristics of a label
  • 150mm/s printing speed with 203DPI printing pixels
  • Annual cost savings and up to 72 labels per minute
  • Mac does not support the Bluetooth function

The Jadens Thermal Shipping Label Printer is a portable, compact, and reliable device that only takes one minute to set up.

It is fully compatible with all Windows systems, and since the installation process is quick, it’s also a time and money-saver. Currently, the printer no longer uses CD-ROM, but a USB disk for driver files.

What’s great about this product is the price advantage. It is substantially cheaper than other competitors such as ROLLO or DYMO

Auto-analyze and learn your labels, thus making your business more convenient. It is suitable for most markets such as Warehouses, shipping, food nutrition, Amazon FBA, UPS, USPS, and more.

Besides being a great addition to any kind of business, this thermal printer is compatible with platforms like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, FedEx, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shopify, Shippo, Ordoro, Endicia, Stockx, Xps ship, Dazzle, Shipwire, and many others.

Since it doesn’t require any cartridges or ink to run, the device is environmentally friendly, so you can run the business or convenience store without worrying about affecting the world’s well-being.

Jadens also provides free lifetime customer support, ensuring that all customers are happy with their products and that all their problems are being dealt with.

If anything happens with your thermal printer, make sure to ask for help via live chat, phone calls, or by sending an email to their wonderful team. You can also request remote desktop support in case you’re not that great with computers.

ROLLO Label Printer

  • Works with thermal direct labels including free UPS
  • High-speed printing at 150mm/s
  • Doesn’t require toner or ink
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Prints labels from 1.57 to 4.1 inches
  • You also need to buy the 20$ label stand to properly use the printer

Rollo is a fast, reliable, and affordable thermal printer that lets you create as many labels as you want.

Access the technology widely used by couriers around the world, now available to you, without the need of ink or cartridges, and in a compact yet efficient device.

Rollo uses a patented design to rocket-boost your productivity with economical, high-performance logistics printing for the most demanding conditions.

The printer is engineered to create a high volume of labels, which is suitable for shipping out big amounts of packages.

No matter if you make 5 or 5000 labels daily, Roll will always produce clear and high-quality prints at a surprisingly fast speed.

Rollo never fails to deliver at speeds of up to 150 mm/s, which is exactly one 4×6 shipping label per second.

It’s also compatible with all thermal shipping labels and any couriers such as UPS, UPSP, and many more.

At first, it might not seem like it, but in the long term, you’ll save lots of money you would otherwise spend on cartridges, ink, and maintenance for an InkJet printer.

Rollo works and installs just like any other printer, so it is recognized by all applications that deal with such devices. More so, it supports platforms such as the UPS and FedEx websites, USPS Click N’Ship, and U.S. Patent No. D815198.

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL

  • Print labels up to 4 inches wide, including 4×6 shipping, warehouse, barcode and identification labels, and more
  • Select from up to 60 professional templates and customize the text with DYMO software
  • 53 standard 4-line address labels or 129 high-capacity 4-line address labels/minute
  • Compatible with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and iabol
  • DYMO LabelWriter creates a variety of sizes, including extra-large shipping labels
  • The product is quite expensive

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL is a compact label printer that makes online selling and printing extra-wide labels easy.

The software is great for shipping labels designed for UPS, FedEx, and UPS directly from popular E-commerce sites such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and Poshmark.

It can also print barcodes, labels for warehouses, identification, and way more, and thanks to the DYMO Connect Software, you’ll have access to up to 60 professional label templates to customize them and express your brand.

Benefit from crystal clear results thermally printed without the need of an expensive toner or ink. The DYMO Connect app is also free, so don’t worry about price-gated features.

All the paper labels produced by this device are BPA-free, FSC-certified, and guaranteed high-quality.

The printer comes in two color variations, black and gray, utilizes 1 AA battery, has ‎10.25 x 10 x 10 inches, and is 1.82 pounds.

This compact accessory can sit comfortably on a work desk without standing in your way. Additionally, it’s Climate Pledge Friendly, which means that it supports preserving our natural world.

Overall, this product is great for business owners who want to print out labels in mass to ship huge amounts of packages.

iDPRT Thermal Label Printer

  • 5.9 inches and high-speed printing technology
  • Can print 72 sheets of 4×6 labels per minute
  • Sturdy manufacturing makes the printer durable
  • Prints 160,000 standard labels without ink or toner
  • Cost-effective because it doesn’t utilize ink or toner
  • The labels are not included in the package

This shipping label printer meets the requirements for various popular platforms such as UPS, USPS, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

Since it has fewer moving parts and doesn’t utilize ink or cartridges, it saves up lots of money for maintenance and buying materials.

The device is suitable for multiple types of labels, including stacked and rolled ones. You can freely choose which one you’d like to use.

It is also compatible with multiple sizes of labels ensuring enough diversity to cover the needs of multiple E-commerce businesses.

iDPRT has intelligent paper adjusting functions that precisely position the paper to make the process work smoothly.

With the intelligent function of adjusting paper, iDPRT label printer could adjust the position automatically and precisely, making the process go smoothly.

This is another fast printer, capable of creating up to 150mm per second while making no noise and helping you save time.

Simply download the driver from their website and read the instructions. It is really easy to set up and use, without requiring prior background knowledge.

The iDPRT Thermal Label Printer is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Additionally to the drivers, you can also use the Free Bartender Label Software provided by the manufacturers to create any print you wish.

Arkscan 2054A

  • Can print multiple types of thermal labels
  • BarTender UltraLite label design software
  • Offers real-time tech support
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, and Linux
  • Supports Arkscan’s, Zebra-compatible labels, and Dymo-compatible labels
  • Lacks software for Mac systems

The Arkscan 2054A is a multi-functional thermal printer that can create various items such as shipping, barcode, product, and labels for other purposes.

It can print from 0.75 to 4.25 inches in width, and between 0.4 and 90 inches in length, supporting rolled paper that can be loaded inside the printer and fanfold paper loaded at its back.

Windows users can also install the BarTender UltraLite label design software tool to customize the labels in various ways before they print them.

Additionally, Arkscan offers tech support for U.S. residents via live chat, phone, and remote access software, all of this during extended office hours from the east to the west coast.

The printer works on most operating systems such as Windows, Mac, ChromeOS (only the 4×6 inches layout label), and Ubuntu.

Since it utilizes thermal technology, there’s no need for ink, toner, or cartridges, which saves up a lot of money in the long run.

Arkscan 2054A is perfect for businesses of all sizes since it is durable enough to be used extensively for long periods of time.

What’s the best shipping label size?

The dimension of the label is determined by the item you are planning to ship, and the address. 4×6 inches is the standard printing label size, which is perfect for sending regular or large boxes.

Additionally, they fit perfectly on envelopes or poly mailers. Shipping internationally requires 4×6 inches when printing custom forms as well.

Longer and thinner packages work better with 2×7 inch labels, but they are not that common and are usually only sent within the United States.

How to set up a thermal printer?

Setting up the thermal printers is really easy. Simply plug in the device, check for a CD/DVD/U disk with a driver, or the user manual for a link to a website to download it.

After installing the driver, simply place the special paper inside the printer and you’re good to go. Always read the user manual when you’re in doubt, and keep in mind that not all thermal printers operate the same.

As long as you need to ship at least a moderate amount of packages, owning one of these devices is a must, no matter what kind of business you have.

Check them all out and choose the one who can help your company the most. There are plenty of options on the list, all of them being great products and creating long-lasting and premium labels.

If you have past experiences with any of these thermal printers, or anything else to add to the subject, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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