6 tools to create custom YouTube thumbnails

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  • Singers, vloggers and many people who have their own Youtube channel know how important it is to have a creative Youtube thumbnail, as it captures automatically the attention.
  • You can not have a great audience if the audience is not attracted to click on your video, so you will lose your authority amongst followers.
  • We have some solutions for the best tools to create custom Youtube thumbnails that will help increase the number of  video views
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custom youtube thumbnails

YouTube is the foremost video website where you can upload your own clips to. Every YouTube video includes a thumbnail image that is either a snapshot from the video or an original picture that isn’t captured from the clip.

YouTube restricts users to selecting a thumbnail from three automatically generated video images. However, users with verified accounts can add their own custom thumbnails to videos with JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP images that match the required 1,280 x 720 resolution.


There are numerous web apps that provide image thumbnails specifically tailored for YouTube videos that you can edit as required.

Alternatively, you can utilize thumbnail maker software for PC to capture images from within videos to include as YouTube thumbnails. These are a few handy web apps and video thumbnail maker software that you can set up a YouTube video thumbnail image with.

YouTube thumbnail creator software for Windows 10

Adobe Spark (recommended)


Adobe Spark is a graphics design web tool with which you can design menus, presentations, flyers, newsletters, brochures, cards, posters, invitations and, of course, YouTube thumbnails.

There are no additional fees for any of the app’s pre-made template images, but the thumbnails do include a Spark logo. You can remove the logo by upgrading to a $13 a month premium account.

Spark provides some great typography options for Youtube thumbnail images as users can select a wide variety of fonts (and upload them), add shapes to text, add text effects, select alternative color schemes and customize the text styles.

Spark users can also add their own photos, logos and a multitude of icons (otherwise stickers) to the thumbnails. You can log in to Spark with a Google Account at this page.

You can set up some stunning YouTube thumbnails with those web apps and software. The web apps are ideal for designing custom image thumbnails.

To capture video images for the YouTube thumbnails, check out the Video Thumbnail Maker, Thumbnail me and Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer software for Windows.

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canva windows 10

Canva is among the best web apps to set up a custom YouTube video thumbnail image. There isn’t a subscription fee for the web tool, but there are charges for its optional stock photos and clip art. Canva’s stock library includes more than one million graphics, illustrations, and photos for Youtube thumbnails.

Canva users can choose from more than 130 fonts and customize the images’ text boxes and text colors. Another great thing about Canva is that you can upload your own images to set up Youtube thumbnails with.

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Fotor is a web app and Windows desktop software. The Fotor web app includes a variety of YouTube thumbnail templates with various themes, such as cooking, games, travel, sports, music, Christmas, seasons, etc.

Fotor users can edit the background color and text of all the themes and add a plethora of stickers to them. Or you can set up your own thumbnail image from scratch.

This page includes the Fotor templates, which you can open and edit without an account. You can click Try now on the official webpage to add the Fotor image editor to Windows.

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Thumbnail me


If you need to capture a snapshot from a video for its YouTube thumbnail, Thumbnail me is worth noting. Thumbnail me is freeware software that you can run on Windows platforms from XP to 10.

The software enables users to capture one thumbnail image or a group of images from a video for a grid of pictures. You can save Thumbnail me’s installer to a folder by clicking Download on this webpage.

When you’ve opened a video to capture images from in Thumbnail me, you can configure the number of rows and columns for the thumbnail to include. To include just one video image in the thumbnail, adjust the row and column values to 1.

You can select an exact time to capture an image from the video with the software’s timeline. Thumbnail me users can select alternative output formats and background colors for the video. You can also add additional title text to images.

Video Thumbnail Maker


Video Thumbnail Maker is similar software to Thumbnail me. The software enables you to capture a single image thumbnail or a whole grid of images from a selected video.

VTM has silver, gold and platinum versions that are retailing from $10-$25 dollars on the publisher’s website. You can add an unregistered version to Windows platforms (XP to 10) by clicking Main Link on this webpage.

However, the unregistered version adds watermarks to the thumbnail images.

Video Thumbnail Maker includes more extensive options for setting up video thumbnails than Thumbnail me. Users can select to set up a Simple Matrix or Special Matrix, with one expanded image set alongside smaller ones, and customize the technical details, tile effects and backgrounds of the thumbnails.

Alternatively, you can configure a matrix to include just one image from a video. VTM supports most video formats, and you can also batch process multiple video files.

AMT – Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer


AMT – Auto-Movie-Thumbnail is another software application that you can extract image thumbnails from videos with. So AMT can also come in handy for grabbing snapshots from videos for YouTube thumbnails. It is freeware software compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7. Click Download on this page to download AMT’s setup wizard.

You can utilize AMT to extract multiple or single images from a selected video. The software’s Layout tab provides numerous settings with which to customize the thumbnail’s color and design, the number of images included within the thumbnail and its timestamp. Users can also add custom text, info headers and logos to the thumbnails with the software.

Software to Custom YouTube Thumbnails FAQ:

  • How do I make YouTube thumbnails attractive?

You can make attractive Youtube thumbnails with suitable software, like Adobe Spark. This tool allows users to select a wide variety of fonts (and upload them), add shapes to text, add text effects, select alternative color schemes and customize the text styles.

  • What is the best thumbnail maker?

Adobe Spark, Canva si Fotor are the best thumbnail makers that offer million graphics, illustrations and photos as well as font, shapes to text, text effects, alternative color schemes and customized text styles.

  • Why can’t I upload thumbnails on YouTube?

You can try first of all by verifying your Youtube account in order to upload a thumbnail. After clicking “Verify” in your account setting you will receive a verification code on your phone that will prove that you are the owner of the account.