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Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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DVD is constantly falling behind flash memory as a media. However, even though they are quite obscure nowadays, it doesn’t mean DVDs are gone. As the matter of fact, they are more secure for data storing than USB thumb drives.

And what’s a better way to manipulate your DVDs, then to use one of the tools that are available on the market. However, many of them are full of malware, others are not as useful as they may seem. So for that purpose, we compiled a list of the best DVD copy software solutions that you should take into consideration.

All of them will do the elementary work, and for the advanced features, you should inspect premium tools at the bottom.

Top 7 DVD copy software solutions

WinX DVD Ripper (recommended)

We’ll start with one of the free versions because, if you’re a standard user, most of the time you won’t need premium features that some of the advanced tools offer.

This tool comes as a Trial for a Platinum version that can be bought later. However, you won’t lose any of the essential features once the trial expires. You’ll still be able to rip DVDs, with the marginally decreased speed and without support for some crack DRM files.

With WinX DVD Ripper, you can copy/rip DVDs, ISO files, or folders with DVD files. The interface is quite intuitive so you’ll have an easy time to manage things around.

Additionally, you can completely customize the output of certain files or use preset profiles to manage formats for different devices and needs. Moreover, you can embed subtitles (pre-created or your own) or include audio tracks.

Basically, everything that’s asked for from this kind of tool, DVD Ripper provides in a quite astonishing manner.

WonderFox DVD ripper Pro (suggested)


If you’re looking for a fast DVD ripper that preserves quality while reducing file size dramatically, this is a top choice. It has an intuitive interface and a wide array of ripping tools simplifying what could otherwise be quite a complicated task.

This software can optimize your DVD conversions for many devices you might use, having more than 250 conversion profiles to do that.

You can copy a full-length DVD less than 25 minutes, and the huge range of formats includes: AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, MPG, 3GP, WMV, MOV, MTS, M4V, ASF, DVC, MTS, M2TS, WEBM, SWF, VOB, F4V, and many more.

It only takes 3 steps to complete the DVD ripping process:

  • Load the DVD
  • Choose output settings
  • Start ripping

With the fastest DVD-to-digital conversion speed, you can watch your favorite DVD discs on various screens and displays. From computer, TV, handset to your Android or iPhone, Tablet, iPad and many more new media formats.

You can get the trial version and test it before you buy it. Find out more on the official website of this great tool.


DVDFab is one of those tools that is great in the premium version, but a bit lackluster in the free version. Yes, you can rip DVDs and Blu-rays, but, that kind of sums up the use of the free version.

However, the premium version is, on the other hand, amazing and quite useful for all kinds of related procedures.

The interface is well-designed, available tools come in abundance with 4 different modules, and it’s not as expensive as DVD Cloner. As same as mentioned DVD Cloner, DVDFab covers all of the needs of advanced users, including the decryption tool against anti-piracy encryption.

In addition, once you’ve compressed the movie, the quality remains somewhat unchanged. You can inform in detail about DVDFab on their official site.

DVD Cloner

Probably, most complete DVD copy/rip premium tool there is. It’s quite expensive for standard users, but most of the professionals in the field are more than willing to pay for such a complete and remarkable program.

With the specific Expert mode, there are so many options you can utilize to create DVDs of your liking, with high-quality standards, and even ways to overcome anti-piracy encryptions.

That plethora of features enables you to manage everything that matters and even beyond.

From customization, trough the large variety of outputs, to eventually burning DVD: you have everything you need at your disposal. For a price, of course.

DVD-Cloner has also a Platinum and a Gold edition with free trial for all of them. It’s a user-friendly program with excellent output quality.

The latest version of DVD-Cloner Platinum utilizes OCT™ to ensure the highest level of success copying latest DVD movies.

Give it a try and you’ll find your ideal multimedia solution!


With the growth of some other media, DVD-related software kind of fell behind. Due to changes that emerged, a lot of previous software solutions changed their primary role to video editors, encoders, or converters. Luckily, they did retain previous functions, and you can still use them to rip DVDs.

One of those is a free software solution called HandBrake. Even though this tool is primarily a video encoder/transcoder, it can certainly do so much more.

With this nifty tool, you can use various presets while ripping DVD, with so many features that, if you’re not accustomed to, may create initial problems. In regards to the interface, this tool is a bit more complex and needs some time for newcomers to get used to.

However, once that you understand it’s surroundings, it will serve you quite well. You can download HandBrake here.


Compared to HandBrake, this is one of the most simplistic but rewarding tools you can find on the market. For free.

Besides DVD rip, this tool can create Blu-rays with a few easy steps. And that’s what’s great about this application: everything is so simple that you’ll have an easy time.

Yes, that also means it isn’t exactly overwhelmed with features, but, as we stated at the beginning, freeware tools are for fundamental rip-related usage.

For advanced features, you’ll need premium tools or a combination of two or more free tools in order to make the things work as intended.

In order to obtain MakeMKV, follow this link.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is, in our opinion, a sweet spot on this list. It has intuitive, user-friendly interface, just enough functions, and remarkable support achieved through detailed instructions.

So, if DVD ripping, formats, functions, or editing are somewhat complicated to you, this tool will help you through with step-by-step guidance.

All of the well-known output formats are supported, including some device-specific formats that should let you play certain media files on your phone, tablet or PC.

The drawback is some bloatware that comes with the installation of the app itself. So, make sure to look at the installation process closely.

You can get Freemake Video Converter, here.

DVD Shrink

Probably the oldest piece of software you can get in this department. Last updated 12 years ago, DVD Shrink still stands firm when it comes to simplicity and straightforwardness.

This small tool can do almost everything you need when it comes to compressing, ripping or decrypting DVD media files.

Yes, there are some drawbacks, since technology vastly changed since 2005, but it still gets the job done. However, only in combination with some other 3rd-party programs since it’s great for copies but don’t cover ripping.

Its best trait, besides simplicity, must be the compression level. This tool offers amazing results for free, like some much more advanced premium tools do.

You can get DVD Shrink for free by following this link.

At the end, we’ll just want to remind you that we don’t support piracy, so make sure to check your local copyright laws.

If you have more questions or suggestions for the list, make sure to tell us in the comments section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2017 and has been updated for freshness and accuracy, including more relevant products.