Tor Browser vs Opera: Which one is better for privacy?

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Protecting your privacy online is crucial, and in order to protect it, you need to use a secure web browser.
  • We’ll compare two browsers, Opera and Tor Browser, and determine which is better.
  • Do you want to learn more about web browsers? Feel free to look at our special Browsers section.
  • Want to learn more about keeping your information safe? Check out our Privacy & Security page.
opera or tor browser which is better
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Your online privacy is important, and if you want to protect it, you need to use a proper browser. There are many browsers that offer some form of privacy protection, but they won’t hide your identity online.

Some browsers, on the other hand, have a built-in VPN or use other methods to hide your identity. Speaking of which, today we’ll compare Tor Browser and Opera and see which browser is better for you.

What is the most secure web browser, Opera or Tor?

1. Opera


1.1 What is Opera?

Opera browser has been present for two decades, and it has changed a lot throughout its lifetime. The latest version of Opera is available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, allowing you to easily sync your data.

1.2 What features does Opera have?

Opera has a built-in VPN that provides you with unlimited bandwidth. In addition, the browser supports cryptocurrencies, so it lets you make payments directly from your Crypto Wallet.

Another useful feature is Flow and it allows users to easily share files, links, and notes between other devices that use Opera browser. Opera also supports workspaces for better tab management.

Other features include advanced search, visual bookmarks, and a customizable start page that supports RSS feeds.

1.3. What are Opera’s pros and cons?


  • Completely free
  • Available on all major platforms
  • Built-in VPN with unlimited bandwidth
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Built-in ad blocker


  • VPN has just 3 locations


An ultra-fast and ultra-modern web browser that features unparalleled customization features and privacy protection tools.

2. Tor Browser


2.1 What is the Tor Browser?

Tor Browser is built on top of Mozilla Firefox, and it’s specially designed to protect your privacy. Tor Browser connects to the Tor network that masks your identity online and makes your browsing sessions private.

2.2 What features does Tor Browser have?

With its focus on user privacy, Tor Browser will disable Flash, RealPlayer, QuickTime and other plug-ins that can reveal your IP address.

Of course, Tor Browser comes with various plugins such as HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript that will ensure your privacy stays protected.

The browser will also block trackers and ads, so websites can’t follow your online activity.

Keep in mind that it’s not recommended to download and install additional addons or plugins since they can be used to compromise your privacy.

2.3 What are the pros and cons of Tor Browser?


  • Privacy-oriented
  • Multi-layer encryption
  • Protection against digital fingerprinting
  • Comes with privacy-focused extensions
  • Disables potentially unsafe plug-ins


  • Slow browsing speed
  • Adding extensions can compromise your privacy
  • Not available on iOS

Download Tor Browser

3. Opera vs Tor Browser: The final verdict

While Tor Browser offers great privacy features, its speed might be a problem for most regular users.

On the other hand, Opera browser offers a free unlimited VPN that is just as fast as your regular connection, so you won’t experience any slowdowns, which makes Opera a better choice in our opinion.

What browser do you use? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Opera and Tor Browser

  • Is it safe to use Tor Browser?

Yes, Tor Browser is safe to use, but it’s also less safe than a VPN according to some users.

  • Does Tor hide your IP?

Yes, Tor Browser will hide your IP address by going through random nodes around the world before connecting to the website you want to visit.

  • Is Opera Web browser safe?

Yes, Opera browser is completely safe, and it can provide you with extra security thanks to the built-in VPN.

  • Why should I use Opera?

Opera is fast with low hardware requirements, and with unlimited VPN, it’s a great choice for many users.