Tour de France 2016 now available on Xbox One, conquer that yellow jersey!

by Radu Tyrsina
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Talk sports games and usually hear about FIFA, NBA 2K and Madden — but rarely of anything else. The big wide world is filled with a pantheon of popular sports, and one of the many consists of men on bicycles racing down streets. In this sport, winning the Tour de France is the coup de grace. Why? In this race, the top cyclists from around the world come to race their hearts out for the top prize. It is also a place where the infamous Lance Armstrong made his now tarnished name.

With such a strong history behind the Tour de France name, it’s about time a game was made about it. Tour de France 2016 is available right now for download via the Xbox One from the Xbox Store and costs $49.99. Whether or not players will be able to take performance enhancing drugs is still up in the air.

Full description of the game:

Embody the greatest cycling champions competing to conquer the yellow jersey along the 21 official stages of a Tour de France 2016, packed with exciting new features! Experience the emotions of a pro-rider by attacking, sprinting, counter-attacking; picking the best trajectories and taking the best tactical decisions to lead your team-mates to victory. Take to the road in solo, compete against your friends, or play in coop on the same screen.

  • Your challenge? Conquer the yellow jersey!

  • Become the best descender in Challenge mode

  • Build your dream team in Pro Team mode

  • Coop and versus local multiplayer

The file size here is around 17GB, so make sure your hard drive is ready.

Download the game from the Xbox Store and enjoy.

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