TradingView: discover the official finance app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1

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In the beginning of this year, we shared with you what we thought to be at time the best forex app for Windows 8 users in the Windows Store. Now, for those of you who follow stocks or currencies from your Windows 8 tablets, we’ve got a new app to talk about today – Trading View.
tradingview app windows 8.1
Our Windows 8 tablets and devices can become real trading tools if we know the right apps to use for that. Recently released on the Windows Store, the official TradingView financial app comes with the right set of tools to trade and to follow the movement of financial markets. It comes with a size of slightly more than one megabyte and can be downloaded completely for free by following the link provided at the end of the article. I’ve been using this finance app myself for a few good minutes and have been surprised to notice that there are no ads at all and that everything moves really, really fast.

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The official TradingView app for Windows 8.1 devices comes with a bunch of useful features, such as watchlist that you can personalise to track the stocks, mutual funds, futures, indexes, currencies, ETFs, CFDs and even Bitcoin that you’re interested in; with hotlists you see autofiltered lists of top Volume Leaders, Top Gainers and Top Losers. The real-time charts are really accurate and come with an impressive charting technology. If you’re an investor or just starting out, you can get trading ideas and have access to the most active investor community in the world.

tradingview app windows 8

The Finance app by TradingView helps you track accurate information for stocks and other markets with most advanced charts available. Set up personal watchlists and follow hotlists with top gainers and losers. See top published ideas from TradingView, the most active investor and trader community in the world. Delivered through a carefully designed and streamlined Windows experience.

tradingview app for windows 8

Besides this, the app contains technical analysis drawings which contain trendlines, pitchforks, Ganns, Fibs and others. There are also more than sixty Automatic Indicators. By using TradingView, you get access to interactive charts for favorite stocks from across the world, to futures (oil, natural gas, gold, grain), currencies and Forex and World Indexes, as well. But this is not all, you can even create any spreads you want and even follow latest quotes on Bitcoin.

Other features include the ability to Compare any symbols to SnP500, change chart types by choosing candle, area, bar, line, Renko, Kagi, or PnF and make use of color-coded Live Tiles which get updated in real time with relevant information.

Download Trading View app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 


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