How to Transform Windows 10 into Mac OS

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Windows 10 Technical Preview builds and the latest Windows 10 versions for the general public surely bring a lot of UI improvements. But if that’s not enough, you can try to bring even more customize your system even more. Have you  ever wanted to make your Windows look like Mac OS? Well, with Yosemite Transformation Pack, you’ll be able to do just that.
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Download Yosemite Transformation Pack

How do I make Windows 10 look like MacOS High Sierra? This is a frequent question among Windows 10 users who recently switched from Apple’s OS to Microsoft’s. Of course, there are also many Windows 10 users who simply prefer the neater, cleaner MacOS user interface for aesthetic reasons.

The Yosemite Transformation Pack is just a theme for Windows 10, but it will also perform a couple of changes of your system files. It will install a collection of various program to automatically transform your Windows 10 in a Mac.

Even though installation process allows you to customize it a little bit, you’d probably want to stick with the default options suggested by the program. After the installation is done, you system will reboot and you’ll get nice, new Yosemite look of your Windows 10.

Almost every GUI element of your system will be changed: wallpaper, icons, menus, sounds, etc. Regular Windows 10 taskbar will be moved to top, while the customizable Dock (Rocket Dock) will be at the bottom. A bunch of other interesting features will be added, as well, such as virtual desktops, Launchpad-styled application menus, and widgets menu.

Of course this is not an exact copy of Yosemite (and you shouldn’t expect it to be), but if you want to try the completely new look of your traditional Windows, you definitely should try this transformation pack. We cannot guarantee that it will work smoothly, because Windows 10 is still unstable operating system itself, but it will definitely bring the new dimension to your using of Windows operating system.

It looks like users of Mac and Windows like to experiment with rival’s operating system these days, as Parallels released a virtual machine for Mac OS which supports installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview. Also if you want to try some other third-party themes on your Windows 10 Technical Preview, you should read our article about that.

You can download Yosemite Transformation Pack from Windowsxlive website for free.

There is also a second method that you can use to make Windows 10 look like Mac. You can download the Mac OS Transformation Pack. Once you’ve installed it on your computer, you can start adding a Mac-like interface to your Windows PC. The pack contains the latest OS X features.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2015 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.


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